10 Rental Car Rentals in Garut Rp. 200,000 Key Off, Cheap Prices 2020 Matic With No Driver

Garut, a district in West Java which has an area of ​​3,065 km2, is bordered by Sumedang to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south, Tasikmalaya to the east and Cianjur and Bandung to the west.

Located 217.4 km from Jakarta, an area that is synonymous with dodol is rarely used as a destination for tourists traveler. Because, there are many destinations that are more popular and closer to the capital.

In fact, the natural panorama that is presented by the City of Sheep through various tourist objects, such as Mount Papandayan, Talaga Bodas White Crater, Santolo Beach and others is no less stunning.

If you are curious about the diversity of tourism in Garut, there’s nothing wrong with including the city on your list of visits in the upcoming 2020 holidays.

In order to support these activities, it is advisable to bring your own fleet. But, if you don’t want to be complicated, find or use the following car rental services.

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Hour Open:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Nasam

Address: Batulawang Housing Complex RT / RW 01/09, Talagasari Village, Kadungora District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Headquartered in Talagasari Village, this rent line provides various fleets, ranging from Avanza, Xenia, APV, Rush, Luxio, Elf to tourist buses.

So that the appearance and condition of the engines are always in prime, they carry out maintenance on these vehicles regularly. That way, consumer comfort and safety will be guaranteed.

However, Nasam Car Rental does not accept leases with a key-off system. However, they employ drivers who are friendly, experienced and master the streets of Garut City very well.

Apart from cars, they also charter manual and automatic motorbikes, such as Vario, Mio, Beat, Scoopy, Supra and many more with the facilities of two helmets and raincoats.

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Address: Ahmad Yani Street No. 1557 RT / RW 03/18, Regol Village, Garut Kota District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Located in Regol Village, this travel agency has various units, such as Innova, Avanza, Xenia and Luxio that can be rented on a daily to monthly contract system.

Customers are free to choose to be accompanied by a driver or to drive the vehicle themselves. They only need to submit a photocopy of their identity card and other documents and the reservation will be processed immediately.

Besides cars, JRMG also serves packages tour with the best bus fleet. Facilities that will be obtained by participants, namely air conditioning, TV, DVD, karaoke, BBM, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, parking fees, first aid kits, banners, name tag, Documentation CD, mineral water and tour leader.

However, it is advisable to order early if the vehicle is to be used on big days, for example Eid.

4. Haruman Rent Car

Address: Subyadinata Street No. 678, Jayaraga Village, Tarogong Kidul District
Telephone / Mobile:

This vehicle rental agency located in Jayaraga Village has a complete collection of fleets, including Avanza, Innova, Alphard, Elf, Travello and tour buses.

Because he has been in business tour & travel for more than 5 years, Haruman Rent Car knows very well how tohandle customer.

They also maintain the quality of service by always preparing the best units driver professional one.

Apart from renting a car, you can also buy Santolo, Rancabuaya, Cangkuang tour packages and many more. If interested, please contact email [email protected].

5. Main

Address: Jalan Batulawang No. 64, Talagasari Village, Kadungora District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
0262-2850986 / 0811-9519-00 / 0813-2191-0916

The company, which is located in Talagasari Village, offers rental vehicles with or without driver for business, tourism, bridesmaid and so on.

The fleets to choose from include Avanza, Xenia, Innova, Rush, APV, Hiace, Elf and buses. All of them are ready to use.

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So that customers are not confused about finding the address of the CV office. Garutama, the staff will deliver the ordered cars to their location, both at the airport and hotel.

Terms and conditions that apply can be asked via email [email protected] or contact above.

6. Rizky and Nceng

Address: Sukasenang Village, Banyuresmi District
Telephone / Mobile:
0852-1918-5949 / 0853-1522-1189 / 0852-2324-9203

Located in Sukasenang Sub-District, this bureau provides cars of various brands with manual and automatic transmissions. The minimum rental duration allowed is 12 hours. The fare is relatively friendly, both for trips inside or outside the city of Garut.

Unfortunately, since January 2017, Rizky and Nceng Car Rentals no longer enforce a key-off system to avoid criminal acts, such as driving, stripping or exchanging spare parts and others.

However, you don’t have to worry because driver they are very experienced, friendly and communicative. Contact the number listed if you have questions about the fleet list.

7. HNN

Address: Jalan Raya Rancaekek – Garut No. 212, Paminggir Village, Garut City District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

This vehicle rental place that is open for 24 hours is located at Jalan Raya Rancaekek – Garut No. 212. There are various types of fleets that they keep in the garage, namely Avanza, Xenia, APV and many more.

These cars are the latest releases, so that their performance cannot be doubted. Even so, HNN Rent Car sets a fairly cheap price per unit.

8. Sans

Address: Mekarwangi Village, Tarogong Kaler District
Telephone / Mobile:

This car rental located in Mekarwangi Village might be a solution to meet your mobilization needs while in Dodol City.

Even though it provides a fairly complete, clean and well-performing fleet, Sans Car Rental offers affordable prices for all types of vehicles.

If you want to know the availability of certain types of transportation, such as elves, pick ups, boxes and others, please contact the numbers listed.

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9. Hero Pass

Address: Jalan Terusan Pahlawan RT / RW 05/11, Sukagalih Village, Tarogong Kidul District
Telephone / Mobile:

This car rental service in Sukagalih Village puts customer satisfaction first by always maintaining the condition of their fleet.

The driver who is in charge of accompanying the client’s journey is not only friendly and communicative, but also knows the routes to almost all tourist destinations in the region. Call the number above for info about prices and how to order.

10. Gift of Devotion PO

Address: Jalan Guntur Sari No. 950, Haurpanggung Village, Tarogong Kidul District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

This bus company which is located in Haurpanggung Urban Village serves package orders tour in the Garut area and its surroundings. Not only clean, their buses also have complete facilities.

Service who was given by Karunia Bakti PO was also very satisfying. Apart from being on time, their driver is really skilled andattitude well.

11. Three Brothers

Address: Jalan Bratayudha, Kelurahan Regol, District Garut Kota, Garut Regency, West Java
Telephone / Mobile:
0262-9167630 / 0852-9494-9837

Located at Jalan Bratayudha, this service provider is here to answer people’s needs for transportation. They serve car rental plus driver for airport shuttle, business visits in and out of town and so on.

The fleet owned is very complete and is always in clean condition, smooth and with reliable engines. So, passengers will feel comfortable during the trip. Moreover, driververy skilled in driving a vehicle.

To increase customer satisfaction, they set affordable rates for each unit.

Tiga Saudara Rent Car itself opened a branch on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Kelurahan Kota Kulon, District Garut Kota with a different name, namely Tiga Dara Car Rental.


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