10 Rental Car Rentals in Batam Rp. 179,000 24-Hour Free Key With No Driver

Who would have thought that Indonesia is a place that holds a lot of cultural diversity and millions of agricultural products that make industrial places so that they can help in the Indonesian economy, one of which is Batam.

Batam, a large city to be precise, is located in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia. This city is known as a free trade industrial city because the location of this city is on an international shipping route.

With a city that is close to and borders the State of Singapore and Malaysia.

Economically, this city controls high economic growth rates on a national scale, thus making the Riau Islands Province experience significant economic growth.

Various economic sectors that become the city’s free trade, including in the industrial sector, are also supported by the presence of water and gas, electricity, banking, transfer of ships, and trade which are the pulse of the economy of Batam city.

No wonder this city is a visit from neighboring residents who do business in the trade industry in and out of visiting the Archipelago in Riau.

In addition to easy access to this city segment, environmentally friendly and inexpensive transportation is available in this city. starting from city transportation such as taxis, city buses, motorcycle taxis, trans Batam buses, sea transportation to the presence of ports, and airports.

However, traders, immigrants and tourists who come to this city can also use a vehicle rental system to accelerate their activities.

From the city, there are also several places to rent cars or private vehicles, either with drivers or without keys. The following are the rental locations in Batam city.

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Nada Rentcar

Perumahan Buana Vista Blok B Btam Center (Close to Airport)
(0778) 4169778

Nada Rentcar, is a car rental transportation service that is quite cheap. Serving transportation services from Batam, Bintan Islands, Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Uban, tourist attractions such as Lagoy Bay and Treasure Bay, the largest pool in Asia.

Nada Rentcar, serves car rental services for 24 hours, both off keys and with drivers who of course have been equipped with their own experience and expertise in driving. Nada Rentcar also serves Shuttle at Hang Nadim Airport, Batam City.

3. Independent Image

Perum Citra Mas Blok F.18 Jl. Hang Jebat Batu Besar, Nongsa Batam 29466
0812 7714 1675

Citra Mandiri Rentcar, serves car rental / rental / charter services in Batam which rents out several transportation such as Sedan, Minibus and Commerce for daily, monthly, and yearly rental. Either use the driver or release the key.

Citra Mandiri Rentcar, also serves tour packages, such as Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island and other tourist attractions, with rentals that serve negotiable prices.

Serving rental both business, private, and tourist as well as serving transit transportation to Singapore, Malaisya and several other cities.

4. Nadyra Rentcar

Jl. Gajahmada Perum Cluster Melati Residence Block G No. 21, Tiban Baru Batam, Island, Kepri, Indonesia.
0812 7733 4847

Nadyra Rentcar, is a provider of car rental services on Batam Island, helping to facilitate customer mobility with well-maintained fleet facilities and ensuring the smooth running of all customer activities, both daily, monthly, long-term rental, and shuttle systems.

5. Bramasta Rentcar

Ruko Batam Center Park Blok B1 No. 18 Batam Center (5 Minutes from Batam Hang Nadim Airport)
0813 7408 7001

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Bramasta Rentcar, is a car rental service for Batam City, Riau Islands, both for business, tourism, meetings, services and visits to regions or as a means of transportation for transit to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Bramasta Rentcar or CV. Bramasta Rentcar serves car rental consisting of the latest cars that are always in clean, well-maintained condition and are supported by friendly, experienced and trusted drivers.

6. Salsa Rentcar

Kampung Durian. Jl Nurul Ikhlas Gang Asoka No. 1 Sei Panas, Batam Indonesia
0811 7000 86, 0813 6309 0196

Salsa Rentcar, a professional Batam car rental service by providing the best facilities, cheap rental prices, and also supported by the most complete fleet. The service price includes experienced and professional drivers.

7. CV. Talindo Prakasa

Baloi Indah, Lubuk Baja, Batam City, Riau Islands 29444
0853 6321 4000

Talindo Prakasa Rentcar Service, is a company engaged in Batam car rental services, the address of the Talindo Prakasa office is precisely in the city center.

Talindo Prakasa Rentcaral Service, founded in 2008, is a well-known company that provides good service with the latest fleets that certainly provide convenience to customers.

8. ZiQ

Jl. Tiban Teratai 1 Blok C VI 123 Batam Indonesia
0821 7007 0033, 0812 7777 1801

ZiQ Rental, is a trusted car rental service in the Batam area with friendly service and competitive prices. Equipped with fleets in prime condition and covered by insurance for your needs while driving.

ZiQ Rental, serves car rental 24 hours a day. Either using a driver or keying for business trips, family, travel, or weddings.

9. PT Ananda Aditya

Nirwana Residence Blok E3 No 16 Jl. Tiban V Patam Lestari Sekupang Batam City, Riau Islands 29424 Indonesia
0812 7000 0150

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PT Ananda Aditya, serves car rental services for 24 hours, both with driver and key off. With fleets that are well maintained and tested and guidance from experts who handle the fleet to use daily, monthly, or annual rental.

10. Enjoy Rentcar

Air Mas Plaza Blok B No. 7 Sagulung Batam
0821 7003 1261, 0819 9092 1980

Enjoy Rentcar, a trusted car rental service in Batam with friendly service and quite cheap prices. Equipped with fleets in prime condition and covered by insurance for your needs while driving.

Enjoy Rentcar, serves car rental 24 hours a day. Either using a driver or keying for business trips, family, travel, or weddings.

11. Mahardika Rentcar

Taman Sari Hijau Blok A1 No. 23, Tiban Baru, Sekupang, Riau Islands 29426 Indonesia
0813 6404 9161

Mahardika Rentcar, a car rental service in Batam that provides car rental services every day for 24 hours. Mahardika Rentcar, is a CV from Mahardika Transport. Those engaged in car rental both off the keys and with the driver.

Of the several rental places, of course, it is hoped that they can make travel easier and smoother in carrying out all activities, ranging from personal, family, business, to travel needs.

Make sure to re-control the vehicle that will be used. It is advisable for newcomers to rent a vehicle using a driver, in addition to making it easier to get to the desired locations, so as not to get lost and take the wrong way while driving.


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