10 Questions About Children's Passports You Need to Know


Travel Blog Indonesia – Occasionally someone will ask about the hassle of getting a child’s passport. Relax, after reading the questions about children’s passports, parents can easily arrange their child’s passports without brokers.

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Questions about a child’s passport

1. Can a child’s passport be represented other than their parents?

In principle, children can be accompanied by other people as long as they get a power of attorney from the parents or from people who get custody of children according to court decisions proven by letters or written documents. Children who are under 17 years old must be accompanied by one of their parents or someone who is given the right of attorney by the parents.

2. If you are divorced, can you only use one of your parent’s documents?

If the parents are divorced, then the requirements for the child’s passport can be completed with documents from only one of the parents who have obtained custody determined by the court. Both by his father and by his mother. For example, it is enough to include documents from one of the parents such as the mother’s e-KTP, mother’s passport, proof of divorce and a letter of custody from the court. Vice versa if custody falls on the father of the child.

3. How long does the process take?

The process of obtaining a passport is usually 3-4 days after the interview and payment of the passport according to a predetermined rate.

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4. How much does it cost to apply for a child’s 2018 passport?

The cost of making a child’s passport 2018 is no different from the cost of making an adult passport.

  • 48 pages ordinary passport for children Rp.300,000
  • Regular 24-page passport for children IDR 100,000
  • Electronic passport (e-passport) for children Rp.600,000
  • Electronic passport (e-passport) for children Rp.350,000

5. How do I get queue quota for children?

To get the quota, you can use the following three routes;

  • Online passport queue application from an Android phone
  • The Whatsapp system is in accordance with the intended Immigration office
  • Immigration passport queue site
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6. Can we register a child using a personal account?

To get a passport queue number for children, you can use the parent’s account. For example, by using an online passport queue application from Android. But, don’t forget to register it in the child’s name according to the documents they have. Likewise with the channel via Whatsapp and the Immigration site. The important thing is parents already have an account first.

7. Can I make a child’s passport from a siri marriage? (No marriage book)

Every child who results from a siri marriage legally or not recorded in state documents can still apply for a passport. To do this, parents can take care of the child’s birth certificate first to the Office of Religious Affairs to get a recommendation to the Civil Registry.

8. Can you apply for a child’s passport if you don’t have a “father”?

Any child who is cared for by his mother without a “father” can still apply for a passport. To do this, the child’s mother can arrange for a birth certificate first by asking for a recommendation from the KUA by attaching the conditions a statement that there is no marriage bond made by the mother of the child.

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9. What are the requirements for the passport of a divorced parent’s child?

There are two conditions. First, parents attach proof of divorce certificate and second attach proof of custody that has been determined by the court.

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10. How do I extend a child’s passport?

Extending a child’s passport is no different from extending an ordinary adult’s passport. For adult passports issued above the year 2009, it is sufficient to attach e-KTP and old passports only. Meanwhile, for the extension of a child’s passport issued above 2009, there is no specific information whether it can use the same conditions or still use requirements such as making a new child’s passport.


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