10 Places to Rent a Camera + Lens in South Tangerang Rp. 10,000 2020 Rental of Banten City Action GoPro DSLR Video

Documenting every happy or important moment is highly recommended so that one day we can reminisce about the good times that have happened, such as weddings, celebrations or other events.

To document each of these moments a camera is needed. Nowadays it’s easy to get a camera, especially those who already have a smartphone.

However, the features on Smartphones are not able to provide satisfactory results such as screen captures from digital photo cameras or DSLRs.
Therefore, it is better to use a photo camera so that the resulting image looks more.

If you don’t have photographic equipment, you can take advantage of the services of the providers rental places such as those in the city of Tangerang.

The following rental places can be a reference for 2020, apart from not spending big to buy, you can also choose your favorite camera according to your needs and pocket in this place.

1. Camera Rental Tangerang

Address: Jln. Lingkar Barat, Panunggangan Timur, Tangerang
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0859 2003 9207

At this rental place, you will get a large selection of camera types, be it DSLR, Action Cam or mirrorless with the Canon, GoPro and Fujifilm brands.

To rent this rental’s photography equipment with the Fujifilm type, you have to spend a minimum of Rp. 120,000 per day. This rate is only valid on weekdays and the type of camera is Mirrorles Fujifilm.

For weekends, the above rates do not apply because there will be a price increase to 140 thousand per day.

Apart from cameras, you can also rent various types of lenses ranging from kits, fixes to wide as well as accessories such as tripods, flashes, reflectors and others.

For those who want to do photography for more than one day, the rental provides rental packages for 3, 5, 7, 10 days up to monthly (get a special price).

And if you rent for 3 days, customers will be given free usage plus 1 day. cheaper and more economical right?

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2. R&D DSLR Cameras

Address: Pondok Jagung, South Tangerang, Tangerang – Banten
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0838 7776 5551

For those who like photographers but don’t have a high class and quality camera like a DSLR? Just rent it at R&D, a provider of phophographic equipment rental services for pre-wedding, wedding, touring, study tours or just documentation.

For only 90 thousand per day, you can rent your favorite camera to document every important moment. Besides the low price, the terms are also easy.

R&D also provides 10% discount for those of you who rent for 3 days and above, over 5 days, a 25% discount is given.

And if you have rented 2 times before, the third rental will be given a 20% discount with terms and conditions apply. For their rental area, namely the entire South Tangerang area.

3. Tangsel Camera Rental (RKT)

Address: Jln. Menteng Raya, Griya Jakarta Housing, West Pamulang, Tangerang city
Opening Hours: 08.00 – 21.00
Phone / Mobile: 0812 8838 2838

In this Tangerang Camera Rental, those of you who live outside the city can still take advantage of this rental service, but you will be given additional terms and conditions from the owner.

At RKT, you can rent Mirrorless, DSLR and Action Cam types. The rental price is also cheap starting from 200 thousand per 12 hours with brands such as Canon, Sony, Fuji and Nikon.

If you plan to use this rental service, you must have 3 social media accounts that are still active.

4. Ciledug Camera Rental

Address: Jln. Sunan Gunung Jati, Gg H. Batu No. 06 RT. 002 / RW. 004, Ciledug, Tangerang City, Banten
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0895 6028 28135

All types of photography and videography equipment are available in this place from DSLR, Mirrorless, Action Cam, Pocket GoPro to various complementary accessories such as Drones, Lighting, Reflectors, Slide Cam Tripods, Stands, JYMY.

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You only need to pay 100 thousand, you can rent your favorite camera and its accessories.

5. Octavianus Anson

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0856 9533 3555

Those who live around the Tangerang, Ciputat, Pondok chilli areas, Pamulang, BSD, Ciledug, Pondok Indah or Bintaro and want to rent a quality GoPro camera, you can use the services of Octavianus.

In this place you can rent a camera at a rate of 200 thousand per day which is a complete package because it is equipped with a Xiaomi Powerbank, Underwater lens, Charger, Waterproof Housing, USB cable, MicroSD, Flashdisk, Tongsis, Medium Case Bag, Battery, and Frame.

The terms and conditions are also very easy, you only submit the original identity card, then sign the agreement that has been made.

6. Rent a Rian HD Camera

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0838 7776 5551

For those of you photographers who love quality DSLR cameras, you can use the Rian HD camera rental service located in Ciledug and caters specifically for the Tangerang area.

Not expensive, just 80 thousand you can rent a Canon 1000D type camera, plus 10 thousand get the Nikon D3100, if you want even more quality, there is a Canon 500D at a rate of 100 thousand.

The requirements are very easy, you just need to submit your original identity card (KTP / KK / Ijazah / SIM / STNK) and a recent photo as collateral.

7. Gunawan Photograph

Address: jln. Limas Kaeng Katomas, Kp. Mampelem RT.01 RW. 04, Ds. Matagara, Kec. Tigaraksa, Tangerang, Banten
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 20.00
Phone / Mobile: 0896 0600 7268

At Gunawan Photograph, you will be provided with how to use the camera unit you want to rent and the rental duration can be hourly or per day.

There are many choices of camera types that you can rent in this rental such as DSLR, Xiaomi Yi Cam, also available GoPro.

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The rates are very cheap starting from 10 thousand per hour, if you want to be more economical you can rent only 75 thousand, with low prices, you are satisfied using it all day.

For ordering, you can contact by phone or WA with the numbers listed above. For those who want COD, Gunawan is ready too.

8. Tangerang Camera Rental

Address: Bintaro Jaya Exchange Mall
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0813 8279 9959

For fellow photographers and videographers who need cameras, lenses, lighting, sliders or other equipment, you can visit this rental place.
And to find out the package info available, you can invite BBM 58239296 or WA 0813 8279 9959, the location is right next to Jurangmangu station.

9. Bumiayu Camera

Address: Jln. MH. Thamrin Blok J. 16
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0857 7772 1111

At Bumiayu rental you can rent, sell, buy or repair cameras and their accessories. This shop is located precisely in front of Cikokol, Tangerang city.

For ordering, you can call the customer service number or you can also via BBM with Pin 277CC694.

10. Rental Camera Video Cam

Address: Jln. Jenderal Sudirman No. 01, Babakan, Tangerang
Opening Hours: 11.00 – 21.00
Phone / Mobile: 0878 0971 0108

For those of you who need a DSLR camera but only for a few days use, it’s better to rent it at this rental place.

Those of you who do not understand how to use it will be taught how to use the camera properly and correctly. In addition, this rental will also provide shuttle services if the location is far from Tangerang.


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