10 Pictures of Lumajang Agro Tourism, Entrance Ticket Prices are Suitable for Families

Location: Rambaan, Sukorejo, Pasrujambe, Lumajang, East Java 67361
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HTM: Rp. 10,000
Open and close: 08.00 – 16.00

There is no doubt that for some people, places like mountains, sea and other places are tourist attractions that have been in great demand by tourists. In Indonesia, there are many choices of tourist objects that can be visited.

One of them that has begun to expand rapidly is agro-tourism. This place offers activities that involve the use of agricultural land or facilities related to agriculture.

Given the large amount of land, mostly agricultural land, this one tourist attraction is agro-tourism, of course, must be visited by tourists who have an interest in agriculture. And one of the agro-tourism objects is Agro-tourism Royal Family Senduro.

Location Where

This Royal Family Senduro agro-tourism is located in Yosowilangun District, Lumajang Regency, or about 11 km from the center of Lumajang City. For tourists who want to visit Lumajang, they can make this place an option for a vacation.

This place has the attraction not only of its natural beauty but also of the expanse of flower gardens that will immediately spoil the eyes of visitors when they arrive here. In addition, local residents also participate in flower cultivation, so it’s no wonder that this place has a flower garden.

This tourist attraction has developed well because with the awareness of its citizens who are good at empowering flowers, besides that local residents or residents around this tourist attraction also have good etiquette towards all tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

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Flower Nursery

Because they have developments in their cultivation, the flower seeds in this area are of good quality, so that these flower seeds can be enjoyed by people who like flowers, even their delivery has reached big cities in Indonesia such as Malang, Bandung, Jakarta, and many others.

Existing Facilities

Talking about facilities, here also has quite good facilities, of course, because this is a tour related to direct activities such as plantations and agriculture so there are related tools for use as farming and gardening.

In this place, there is also a large parking area, both for four-wheeled and two-wheeled. So tourists can visit tourist attractions using their private vehicles without the need to think about the parking lot that is definitely available for visitors.

There are also several gazebos available in this area. Yes, of course this is very useful for visitors who have done outdoor activities to unwind or just relax by enjoying the natural beauty found in this Agrowosita Royal Familiy Senduro tour.

There are also places of worship for visitors who want to fulfill their obligations, because this tourist attraction is outdoor, so there are several toilets in this tourist area. Not far from this place there is a restaurant and can be used as an option if visitors do not bring supplies to this Royal Family Senduro Agro tourism.

Price of admission

To be able to enjoy the natural beauty and flower gardens in this area, visitors are only charged Rp.10,000 per person, with this relatively cheap price, visitors will get a good experience and educational things can also be obtained.

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How to get there

It’s easy enough to get to this place because with a good lane, all types of vehicles can pass it.

If from Lumajang via Jl. Merdeka Bodang is the fastest way to get to this place with a travel time of about 30 minutes and a distance of about 15 KM. With this alternative route visitors can get to their destination faster.

When viewed from its natural beauty, the facilities and infrastructure in this place and the relatively angry entrance rates, it’s no wonder this tourist attraction is always crowded with visitors when the holidays arrive. And make sure you take the time to visit this Royal Family Senduro Agro tourism if you are in Lumajang Regency.


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