10 Photo Studios in East Jakarta Rawamangun Good Cheap Prices for Babies, Families, Prewedding, Place List

As technological developments become more modern these days, capturing every moment seems like an obligation and a must that cannot be missed.

With smartphones that are supported with camera features and are very easy to carry everywhere, almost everyone always documents things starting from small things or not important at all.

But even though you already have a smartphone that is supported by the best features, there are still weaknesses or shortcomings of this cellphone and the results will not be as good as a special photo camera.

To capture beautiful and precious moments, some people choose to document them through a photo studio in order to get satisfying and perfect results with the help of touch from professional photographers in their fields.

And some people also choose to capture their own precious moments for fear that going to the studio will cost a lot.

But now there is a photo studio that offers cheap prices, such as several photo shoots in East Jakarta. The following deserves a thumbs up and your pockets don’t break.

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Photomotion Studio & Rent

Address: Jln. Diamond No. 01 Bidara Cina RT. 08 RW. 11, Kampung Melayu, Jatinegara, East Jakarta
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 18.00
Phone / Mobile: 0812 9882 5988

One of the studios that you should include as a reference list for the best photography spots in East Jakarta is Photomotion.

Because of the uniqueness given by the Photomotion studio to its loyal customers, it has earned this place the best award from MURI Records.

Photomotion is not only engaged as a photo service provider, but for those of you who need a photography place, they also provide studio rentals too.

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3. SS Photo

Address: Jln. Balai Pustaka RT. 6 RW. 15, Rawamangun, Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (08.00 – 22.00), Sunday (08.00 – 21.00)
Phone / Mobile: (021) 4752 955

Do you want to take photos of pregnant women or babies with a mini studio background at home? The solution is to use SS Foto services.

One of the advantages given by SS foto is that they serve a photography home service where professional photographers will come to your place.

And regarding the rates they offer, you don’t need to worry, SS has provided a friendly and affordable photography package.

4. Dot Net Media Photography

Address: Jln. Bangkil No. 02 Kayu Putih, Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0816 1620 604, 0812 1911 977

The next recommended studio that serves home service is Media Photography Dot Net, where they provide door to door photo services at affordable prices and can be adjusted according to the customer’s budget.

In order to fulfill the needs of photography and want to get closer to its loyal customers, Media Photography has also opened its outlets in West Jakarta.

The services offered by Media Photography are almost the same as other studios, namely photo coverage services and video documentation of events be it preweds, weddings, birthdays, products, school yearbooks, cheap photo booths.

5. Origamii

Address: Cibubur Junction lt. II, Jln. Jamboree No. 01 Cibubur, Ciracas, East Jakarta
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00
Telephone / Hp: 0816 341 325

Whether it’s a wedding reception, office event or any other event, Origami will give its best to capture every special moment of yours by using the services of a professional photographer and a combination of technology and touch from the editors to get quality images.

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For those of you who want to hold a party and want to perpetuate it, just contact the information section to get their best prices and services.

The best service offered by Origami is that they will provide instant phootbooth for guests and the results can be taken immediately so that it can make your event even more memorable for the invitees.

6. Kresna Photo Studio

Address: Jln. Hamlet III No. 8A – 8B, RT. 02 RW. 02, Dukuh, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, DkI Jakarta
Opening Hours: Monday _ Friday (09.00 – 19.00), Saturday (Closed), Sunday (10.00 – 17.30)
Phone / Mobile: (021) 8402 352

Kresna Photo is ready to cover all your photography or videography activities both indoors and outdoors for various special moments and events.

Not only covering photography, but at Kresna studio also provides digital photo printing services and making albums.

7. Mozart Gallery Photo

Address: Jln. Jatiwaringin Raya A-11 RT. 08 RW. 07, Cipinang Melayu, Makassar, East Jakarta
Opening Hours: Weekdays (10.00 – 20.00), Weekends (10.00 – 17.00)
Phone / Mobile: (021) 8616 184, 0817 0818 645

Take pictures in the studio and want to get a high quality photo print discount of up to 50%? Don’t hesitate anymore, just register as a member of the Mozart Gallery Photo.

8. Rafflesia Photography

Address: Jln. New Rice Field No. 53 RT. 18 RW. 06, Pondok Bambu, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta
Opening Hours: Sunday – Friday (08.00 – 21.00), Saturday (09.00 – 21.00)
Phone / Mobile: 0813 8329 9881

For the bride and groom who will hold a special wedding reception for the Jakarta area, Rafflesia Photography offers an attractive discount for your photography services of 5%. Come on, just hurry up and make a reservation.

9. Affandika Studio

Address: Jln. Raya Condet No. 42 RT. 09 RW. 06, Batu Ampar, Kramat teak, East Jakarta
Opening Hours: 08.00 – 17.00
Phone / Mobile: (021) 8091 282, 0819 0515 3333

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Affandika Studio offers the best service by giving customers the freedom to take pictures using various kinds of the best quality themes as well as the unlimited selection of backgrounds.

10. Malibu 62 Studio Condet

Address: Jln. Raya Condet No. 15 RT. 13 RW. 03, Batu Ampar, kramat Jati, East Jakarta
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (09.00 – 19.00)
Phone / Hp: 0812 8455 2422

Malibu 62 is one of the best known, best, trusted photo studios in Jakarta and several other cities, where the service and quality of the results are not in doubt.

11. Studio Pose

Address: Jln. Pope No. 92A, RT. 01 RW. 08, Rawamangun, East Jakarta
Opening Hours: 10.00-20.00
Phone / Mobile: 0812 8648 2626

Established in 1996, Pose Studio is known as one of the most comprehensive and best shooting spots in the Rawamangun area, East Jakarta.

Pose studio is here by providing photo, video, make up, clothing rental and various photography accessories.

There are many services provided by Pose studio ranging from baby, birth, casual, girly, glamor, kiddy, group, maternity, graduation, gotic, prewedding (indoor, outdoor, thematic), international / traditional bridal and family, but it can also design invitations according to the needs of customers.

The low price offered by pose studio starts from 250,000 rupiah, this rate applies according to the type of photo shoot. And for more detailed information, you can directly contact the information section at the phone number above.

And if you are curious about the results of the shoot, just check the Pose studio website and there are various types of shooting rates available.


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