10 Pangandaran Tour Packages Rp. 160,000 October-2020 3 Days 2 Nights From Jakarta Cirebon Jogja Garut Bandung For 1 Cheap Person

Pangandaran is a city or district in West Java province. For holiday lovers, this district is known as the owner of amazing beach attractions.

The beaches in this area are also frequently used surf locations by local and foreign surfers. This is because the beach does have quite high waves.

However, the tourist attraction in this area is of course not only the beach, there are many other types of tourism objects in the district that adhere to the motto of the glorious karsa makarya praja.

Some of them are Pangandaran beach, Karapyak beach, this coral beach, princess valley beach, Karang Tirta beach, citumang natural baths, cukang taneuh, pepedan hills, satirah, lanang cave, and nature reserve national park.

Then, just like other vacation spots that can be visited by following a tour package, tourist objects in Pangandaran are the same. If you want to have a vacation there, now there are many tour operators that provide packages.

So, here are Pangandaran tour package providers from Jakarta, Cirebon, Garut, Jogja, Bandung, Bogor, Bekasi, Cianjur, Solo, Purwokerto, Semarang, and other areas at low prices for 2020.

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Pangandaran River Adventure

Website: pangandaranriveradventure.com
Contact: 082127497821 (Tel / WA)
Starting Price: Rp. 687,500

Pangandaran river adventure is a tour operator that is here to make it easy for tourists.

There are various tour packages offered by this tour service including 3 days 2 nights, 2 days 1 night packages, green canyon body rafting, citumang body rafting, and satirah body rafting.

For those who want to explore for a longer time, they can choose a duration of 3 days 2 nights which is priced starting from Rp. 687,500 only.

With this fee, you will be invited to visit Pangandaran beach, green canyon, shark rock beach, turtle conservation and nature reserves.

In addition, you will also get facilities such as hotels, guides, 6 meals, tour tickets, documentation, and body rafting instructors.

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3. Pangandaran Vacation & Travel

Website: pangandaran.travel
Contact: 081 22222 88 12 (Tel / WA)
Starting Price: Rp. 270,000

Pangandaran vacation & travel which is also known as PVT is a business brand that is engaged in tours & travel specifically for Pangandaran.

Established in 2014, PVP runs their business with professional tourism personnel.

Tour packages offered by this tour service can be followed at a cost starting from IDR 270,000. The options are tour & vacation packages, and green canyon tour packages.

While the tourist objects to be visited are Pangandaran beach, green canyon, shark rock beach and karas rock beach.

4. Travel UIT

Address: Bulak Laut No. 18 – Pangandaran Beach, West Java, Indonesia 46396
Website: uittravel.com
Contact: 0813 5775 5775 (Tel / WA) – [email protected] (email)
Starting Price: Rp. 338,000

The next tour package that can be followed is the 3h2m package or the 2d1n package organized by uit travel.

This travel service that is domiciled in Pangandaran, has the best team and programs, so it is very worthy to be a vacation partner.

Currently uit travel is also holding a promo for a package with a duration of 2 days 1 night. This package is opened at a price of Rp. 338,000, and will get full facilities and services.

5. Dagoholiday

Address: Jl. Terusan Jakarta No 416 Ruko Puri Dago Kav 68 Antapani Bandung West Java Indonesia 40291
Website: dagoholiday.com
Contact: 022-877-889-58 (Tel / WA) – 022-877-889-58
Starting Price: Rp. 517,000

Furthermore, there is a cheap 2 days 1 night package belonging to dagoholiday that can be chosen for a vacation to Pangandaran.

Tour services that are domiciled in Bandung, which also serve car rental and bus rental services, sell their tour packages with prices starting from IDR 517,000 / pax.

The facilities obtained by registering in the package are tour buses, hotels, food and drink, snacks, guides, and documentation.

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6. Bandung Trans Service

Address: Jl terusan Jakarta No 416, Ruko Puri Dago Kav.68 Bandung 40293
Website: bandungtransservice.com
Contact: 0821 – 2170 – 4183 (Tel / WA) – [email protected] (email)

The last package that can be used is the 2 days 1 night package which is opened by the Bandung Trans Service tour.

By joining this package, you will be invited to explore Batu Karas beaches, Pangandaran beaches, and green canyon.

Meanwhile, the facilities that will be obtained include transportation, lodging, eating and drinking, entrance tickets, guides, and banners.

If interested, you can ask for details on the price via the contact number above.

7. Hotel Development Group

Website: hoteldiindonesia.net
Contact: 089660271603 (Tel / WA)
Starting Price: Rp. 595,000

The first is a package offered by the hotel development group tour services.

Currently, tour services located in Garut, open packages with a duration of 2 days and 1 night.

The price for the package itself starts from Rp. 595,000 only. With this price, apart from being able to tour several locations, you will also get 1 night hotel accommodation facilities, 5 meals, tickets, insurance, guides and many other facilities.

8. Almeira Tour & Travel

Address: Jln. Bojongpulus No. 157, RT. 04 RW. 02, Banjaran Wetan Village, Banjaran District, Bandung Regency, 40377
Website: almeiratourtravel.com
Starting Price: Rp. 250,000

Furthermore, for a vacation to Pangandaran you can choose one of the six packages belonging to the Almeira Tour & Travel tour service.

Everything lasts 2 days 1 night and is priced starting from IDR 250,000 per pack with transportation facilities in the form of a jet bus, one meal, hotel, tickets, mineral water, banners and guides.

9. Nusatrans

Address: Ruko Puri Dago, Kav. 38 No. 356, Jalan Terusan Jakarta, Antapani, Bandung City, West Java 40291
Website: nusatrans.co.id
Contact: +6282121219821 (Tel / WA) – [email protected] (email)
Starting Price: Rp. 250,000

Nusatrans is a travel agency that focuses on providing tour packages, tour buses, tour elves, and other types of transportation.

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In serving customers, this tour service is always committed to providing friendly and professional service to tourists.

The tour packages offered by this tour service vary, the prices also vary depending on the tourist destination.

However, the cheapest prices are packages with pananjung beach destinations, karas stones, and green canyon. The price starts from Rp. 250,000 with facilities in the form of a full AC tour bus, tour tickets, lodging, 4 meals, tour leader, and documentation.

10. Mypermatawisata

Address: Ministry of Finance Complex Jl. Ambulombo No.9B Karang Tengah, Tangerang, Banten 15157
Website: mypermatawisata.com
Contact: 0812 – 8781 – 0050 (Tel / WA)
Starting Price: Rp. 160,000

This tour service that was founded in 2014, which is the fruit of the idea of ​​young travelers, provides 3 package options, namely one day tour, 3d2n green canyon, and 3 days 2 nights family green canyon.

The cheapest package is a one day tour with a list fee starting from IDR 160,000. This price includes facilities such as a local guide, 1 meal, body rafting, and masks.

11. Planet Pangandaran

Address: Old Court Road No. 9, Kec. Pangandaran
Website: planetpangandaran.co.id
Contact: 0822 1877 7577 (Tel / WA)
Starting Price: Rp. 429,000

CV planet claims itself as the number 1 tour operator in Pandandaran. Established since 2014, this tour service provider has served more than 20,178 customers.

You can take a vacation to Pangandaran by signing up for the 2 days 1 night package offered by this tour service.

With prices starting from IDR 429,000, you can get around to the karas rock beach, green canyon, shark rock beach, Pangandaran beach, and turtle conservation sites.

In addition, you will also get facilities and services in the form of insurance, guides, photo documentation, underwater cameras, tour tickets, bonfires and lanterns, and fun team building games.


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