10 new tourist attractions in Bandung that you must visit


Travel Blog Indonesia – Who is bored of having a vacation in Bandung? Especially now that there are many new tourist attractions in Bandung that make you go back to Bali to Bandung to explore this cool city.

That’s right, to visit Bandung with a million tourist attractions, it’s not enough in a day or two to get around the city of Bandung. There are many new tourist attractions that captivate the heart. Here’s the list.

North Bandung is indeed famous for its tourist charm in the Lembang area. The area which is adjacent to Mount Tangkuban Perahu has cool air with its natural pine forest. Not to mention the hot springs that can make aches disappear instantly.

If traced, there are actually several new tourist attractions in Bandung such as the peak of Ereud Pingping. The concept is almost like a one stop theme park for the family.

You must visit this location for instagenic photos in Bandung, especially for those of you who already have a partner. You can take pictures, or take selfies in the love bamboo garden. The ticket price is cheap, only 20 thousand.

Besides having a love bamboo garden, Barusen Hills Bandung also has other tourist facilities such as a swimming pool to an area for camping with family. The gardens are perfect for those of you who have already vlogged. Not bad for adding your travel video content while in Bandung.

It turns out that there is a hidden lake above the height in Lembang, Bandung. The Valley of the Gods, Bandung, has now become a pre-wedding photo shoot location. The reason is that the place is very instagenic with a background of green hills. Moreover, there is a bamboo pier that sticks out into the middle of the lake.

If you want to find a tourist spot open to children, it feels like this place is the right choice. Located in the middle of Dago Giri pine forest, the atmosphere of this tourist spot is like every evening because it is surrounded by pine forests with towering trees.

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The tourism facilities for children are very diverse, ranging from riding horse rides, archery to other children’s games that hone children’s kinesthetic and motor intelligence. Unfortunately the entrance ticket does not include a one-way ticket so you have to pay back to try every ride at Dago Dream Park Bandung.

You don’t need to go all the way to the Netherlands to take pictures in the style of noni and Dutch ladies. Farmhouse Lembang has epic spots like being in a small town kasawan in medieval Europe. Moreover, Farmhouse has a mini bar with a complete collection of cute pets ranging from ponies, rabbits to rides for feeding adorable dairy cows. Next …

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