10 Motorbike Rental in Makassar Rp. 50,000 Rent Kawasaki Ninja KLX Cheap Daily Monthly

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi Province as well as the largest metropolitan city in Eastern Indonesia. It is bordered by Pangkajene Islands Regency in the north, Makassar Strait in the west, Gowa Regency in the south and Maros Regency in the east.

The area, which is called Daeng City, offers various tourist objects, both natural and in the form of playgrounds, such as Losari Beach, Banti Murung National Park, Gusung Island, Kodingareng Keke Island and Trans Studio Makassar.

These spots have an attraction that is no less than the Island of the Gods or the Island of Lombok. If you are curious, immediately visit Makassar on the year-end holidays. Use the motorbike rental services below to make travel easier:

1. Gracia Rent

Address: Abdullah Daeng Sirua Street Lorong 7B No. 27, Tamamaung Village, Panakkukang District
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:
0852-5615-9818 / 0811-4196-449

Located at Jalan Abdullah Daeng Sirua, this bureau offers various automatic motorbikes, such as the Honda Vario, Honda Beat and Honda Scoopy with rates starting from 85-125 thousand rupiah, depending on the year the vehicle was issued (2013-2017).

Because it has been operating since 2010, Gracia Rental Motor knows very well how to pamper customers. They not only prepare a fit unit, but also guarantee that it will be replaced if they experience problems during the rental period.

The conditions provided are not complicated, it is enough to guarantee your KTP, copy of your SIM and pay off the advance payment.

GRM itself has a branch office at Jalan Gunung Lokon No. 25, Lariang Bangi Village, Makassar District, close to the North Pisang area.

2. 77 Motorbike Rental

Address: P & K Housing Complex, Jalan Emmy Saelan Monument Blok C8, Karunrung Village, Rappocini District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
(0411) 8988095 / 0821-8797-9377 / 0811-5974-177

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Located in the P & K Housing Complex, a transportation service provider that has been operating for more than 7 years accepts scooter rentals from various brands, including Yamaha Mio GT, Yamaha X-Ride 115 cc, Yamaha Nmax 150 cc, Honda Beat FI, Honda Scoopy FI and Honda Vario 110 & 125 FI.

The cost ranges from 80-140 thousand rupiah with a minimum borrowing duration of 2 days. Apart from helmets and raincoats, customers will also get facilities free delivery unit to the Makassar City area. However, the airport shuttle will be withdrawn charge an additional 50 thousand rupiah.

If you want to membooking vehicle, you must show two identity cards, it can be e-KTP, KK, SIM, passport or NPWP.

3. Prima Trans

Address: BTP (Bumi Tamalanrea Permai), North Happiness Street Blok A No. 620 A, Tamalanrea Village, Tamalanrea District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
(0411) 895844 / 0852-9999-4811 / 0811-4135-711

This place rents out two-wheeled vehicles for students, tourists and the public. The type of fleet that is owned is automatic as well sport from the Honda Beat, Honda Spacy, Yamaha Mio, Yamaha Jupiter, Suzuki Satria Fu and Kawasaki Ninja RR brands.

Prima Trans strives to give satisfaction to its customers by presenting a clean, well-maintained and reliable unit, but it does not make them spend too much.

For reservations, please come to the bureau address on Jalan Happiness Utara or contact one of the contacts above.

4. HLM Rent

Address: Bumi Tamalanrea Permai, Jalan Happiness Utara Blok J No. 185, Kelurahan Tamalanrea, Kecamatan Tamalanrea
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:
(0411) 584580 / 0811-4626-00

This company provides rental services for various types of scooters, including Honda New Beat, Honda PCX 150, Yamaha Soul GT, Yamaha Nmax 155, Suzuki Nex and Suzuki Address, both off key and together. driver for daily, weekly to monthly duration.

With this service, of course it will be very helpful for tourists who have never been to Makassar, but want to do so city ​​tour or go to a tourist attraction.

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Apart from two-wheeled vehicles, HLM Rent also has stock cars, such as the Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Kijang Innova. For more complete information, please contact the number above.

5. Exbike Rent

Address: P & K Housing Complex, Jalan Emmy Saelan Monument Blok B1 / 4 No. 3, Karunrung Village, Rappocini District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Once posted an ad on Kaskus, this motorbike rental only provides 2016-2017 output units fresh from the following brands, Suzuki Nex FI, Yamaha Mio GT FI, Honda Vario 110 & 150 FI, Honda Beat Sporty, Honda Spacy FI and Honda Scoopy FI.

Exbike Rent always prioritizes comfort, safety and customer satisfaction. Therefore, they never gave up a fleet that was not up to standard.

Even though the service quality is very good, the prices they charge are fairly cheap, namely 75-105 thousand rupiah per day.

6. Rental Motor Light

Address: Jalan Sukamaju Raya No. 37, Tamamaung Village, Panakkukang District
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:

Established since 2014, this rentalan which is located in the Tamamaung Village has various scooter matic, including the Honda Beat and Honda Scoopy.

The packages they offer are very attractive, namely motorbike rental of at least 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours with prices starting from 5-50 thousand rupiah.

Although classified as friendly, but quality service and the fleet given is very champion. Contact the number above if you want to ask questions about terms.

7. Yasha Rent

Address: Road Inspection Kanal II No. 12, Buttono Village, Manggala District
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:

Headquartered in Buttono Village, Yasha Rental Motor has various automatic units, such as the Suzuki Skydrive, Honda Vario and Yamaha Mio which can be rented for daily, weekly to monthly duration. The rates that are priced do not make your wallet thin, start from 80 thousand rupiah.

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When making a reservation, consumers will be asked to show their SIM, leave their original e-KTP and be willing to be photographed for gallery they.

For further information, please contact the YRM number. You can also borrow four-wheeled vehicles for 12 and 24 hour durations.

8. Sijai Rent

Telephone / Mobile: 0821-1727-2895

Sijai Rental Motor has a variety of the latest units in stock, such as the Honda Beat Pop FI, Honda Spacy FI, Honda Scoopy FI, Honda Vario 150 FI and Suzuki Nex FI.

All in the best condition because of this maintenance done regularly. Completeness can also be tailored to customer needs.

If you want to ask questions, please send Whatsapp to the number above. No need to worry, because the admin of Sijai Rental Motor is very responsive to messages.

9. Eviy Motorbike Rental

Address: Jalan Sukamaju Raya No. 30, Tamamuang Village, Panakkukang District
Telephone / Mobile:

Vehicle rental agent located at Jalan Sukamaju Raya No. These 30 have quality fleets, including Honda Beat and Yamaha Vixion.

They accept motorbike charters for short periods with rates starting from 5 thousand rupiah per hour. The longer the rental duration is taken, the lower the fees that must be paid. If you want to place an order, contact the number listed.

10. Arigatou Rent

Telephone / Mobile: 0852-5532-5678

Arigatou Rental Motor might be a solution for those of you who are looking for a fleet for your needs city ​​tour in Daeng City. This is because the units they have are varied and are always 100% fit. Each is also equipped with a helmet and an additional safety lock.

If you want to ask about the availability of a motorbike, for example the Kawasaki KLX trail or the 2020 automatic, please call the number above.


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