10 Most Trusted Umrah Travel in Bekasi 21 Million Best Cheap East West North South Cikarang City

Bim Bim Slank went to the Holy Land with his family

What are your plans to welcome the long holiday later this year? Visiting tourist destinations outside the city or country? Or just hanging out with family at home?

Apart from going to a tourist destination or just quality time at home with the closest people, you can also take advantage of this long holiday to go to the Holy Land to hold an Umrah service.

As a form of gratitude for having passed this year well and asking to be given blessings in welcoming the new year.

After that, you can tour at the same time to several neighboring countries there. Here is a list of the best Umrah travel agents in Bekasi!

1. Alifah Tour (PT Nurindo Wisata)

Address: Ruko Mutiara Bekasi Center block A 10 No.4 Bekasi (next to the Golkar building)
Starting Price: 22 jt by saudi
Phone number: 021 8859750
WhatsApp: 08161947542
Web: https://www.alifahnurindo.com

Alifah Tour is a trusted cheap Umrah travel program that has been accredited by the KAN Agency from Sucofindo, Legality and Official Licensing from the Ministry of Religion. Prioritizing the service and satisfaction of the Jamaah.
10 Most Trusted Umrah Travel in Bekasi 21 Million Best - 10 Most Trusted Umrah Travel in Bekasi 21 Million Best Cheap East West North South Cikarang City

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Phone / WA:

3. Aufa Tour

  • Address: Jatibening, Jalan Kemang Raya Number 18, Jaticempaka, Pondokgede, City of Bks, West Java 17412
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: USD 1,550, –
  • Phone number: 021 8490 0090
  • Web: www.aufatour.com

The next recommendation is Aufa Tour. Since 2005 until now, public anime to entrust Aufa Tour as Umrah organizer has increased. Aufa Tour has already departed more than tens of thousands of worshipers.

With the increasing number of consumers, Aufa Tour tries to continuously improve services and facilities so that their congregation remains comfortable and loyal.

4. Patuna Travel

  • Address: Jalan Cemara Raya, Jaka Sampurna, West Bekasi, West Java 17145
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: IDR 34,000,000
  • Phone number: 021 8896 8459
  • Web: www.patunatravel.com
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Patuna Travel is the only Umrah agent that provides the most packages.

The goal is so that their prospective congregations can adjust to each of the packages offered, so that they are not stuck with just one choice.

In addition, the packages available here are more flexible, because the determination of departure dates and airlines is according to their own wishes.

5. Fata Tour

  • Address: Jalan Bulevard Selatan Sinpasa Commercial Blok C 06 Summarecon Bekasi, Marga Mulya, North Bekasi, City of Bks, West Java 17142
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: USD 1,650, –
  • Phone number: 021 2957 2288
  • Web: www.fataumrah.com

You can get the next Umrah package from Fata Tour. With low and competitive prices, Fata Tour is able to attract consumers to become their potential pilgrims and entrust all Umrah affairs without half-heartedly.

The Regular Umrah package from Fata Tour has a rate of USD 1,650, -. In addition, Fata Tour also has an Umrah Plus Turkish tour package for 12 days and 16 days.

6. Fath Indah Wisata Travel

  • Address: JL. Karang Satria Raya, No.41, Karang Satria, Duren Jaya, East Bekasi, West Java 17111
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: IDR 21,000,000
  • Phone number: 0857 1052 9700
  • Web: www.fathindah.com

Fath Indah Travel Service is a travel agency company based in Bekasi. Fath Indah Wisata has also received permission from the Indonesian Ministry of Religion as the organizer of Hajj and Umrah.

Apart from having a permit from the Ministry of Religion, Fath Indah also has ISO Quality Standards, a member of HIMPUH, IATA, acts as an Umrah Visa provider, and has Muthowif and Handling representatives in Saudi Arabia.

7. Neekoi Tourism

  • Address: JL Raya Ratna, No. 01, Ruko Ratna Asri Residence, Jatikramat, Jatiasih, Bks City, West Java 17426
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: IDR 22,000,000
  • Phone number: 021 8497 3133
  • Web: www.neekoi.com

Neekoi Wisata also has a superior package that is often chosen by pilgrims, namely the Umrah Promo 9-day direct flight program, which costs 22 million.

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The departure period starts from January-April 2020. You can read the full schedule and itinerary details on the Neekoi website.

As for the Umrah Plus Istanbul, the price starts from 33 million. Which package suits you best?

8. Sella Tour

  • Address: Jl. Raya Hankam, Ruko Kranggan Permai Blok RT 12A Number 1, (500m from Cibubur Plaza), Jatisampurna, Bekasi City, West Java 17433
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: IDR 24,900,000
  • Phone number: 021 8256 7070
  • Web: www.selatour.com

Together with the Sella Tour, you will carry out an Umrah procession in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam. The permit that is owned by the Ministry of Religion is also a provision for Sella Tour in instilling trust in prospective worshipers.

Because, this point is very important considering the many cases of fraud by fake and fake Umrah travelers.

9. AIW Tour & Travel

  • Address: Jl. Raya Pd. Gede, Jatiwaringin, Pondokgede, City of Bks, West Java 17411
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: IDR 24,000,000
  • Phone number: 0856 7777 865
  • Web: www.amanahindahwisata.com

With AIW Tour & Travel you will not be PHP-in, because once you register, you will immediately go according to schedule. With a budget starting from 24 million, you can go to the Holy Land.

In addition, they also provide Umrah packages during the upcoming month of Ramadan, which are priced starting from 27,750 million-37,750 million.

10. Elharamain Travel Umrah

  • Address: Ruko Grand boulevard Asia Tropis Blok AT 12 No 2 Harapan Indah Desa Pusaka Rakyat Kec Taruma Jaya, Medan Satria, City of Bks, West Java 17143
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: IDR 23,000,000
  • Phone number: 021 8838 2764
  • Web: www.elharamainwisata.com

The last option from us is Elharamain Wisata Travel. The official organizer of the Umrah worship that has been registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, provides certainty of departure, and has syar’i principles in carrying out Umrah worship.

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Another advantage is that you will be guided by the best ustad-ustad graduates from the Middle East. The regular rate to be able to enjoy the Umrah program from Elharamain is 23 million.

11. Mizan Tour

  • Address: Ruko Telagamas Blok G6, Jl. North Circle, Harapan Baru, City of Bks, West Java 17124
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: USD 2,850, –
  • Phone number: 021 8887 8802
  • Web: www.mizantour.com

The first choice is Mizan Tour, which is located in the North Bekasi area. This Haj and Umrah agent is a trusted one and has a fairly good reputation.

This Mizan Tour has also been officially registered at the Ministry of Religion. So, get rid of all your worries because this Umrah agent has quite high credibility and is ready to serve you with satisfying treatment.

What are you waiting for? Immediately perfect your good intentions to visit Baitullah with the help of a reliable and trusted travel agency.

Compare the prices and benefits of each Umrah agent above which one best fits your wishes.

12. Shabilla Travel

  • Address: Jalan Jati Makmur Number 21, RT 02 / RW 03, Pondokgede, Bekasi City, West Java 17413
  • Folder: Click here
  • Price: IDR 23,500,000
  • Phone number: 021 8499 8500
  • Web: www.shabillatravel.com

Shabilla Travel is an Umrah agent from Pondokgede, Bekasi. Shabilla has quite an interesting selection of Umrah and Hajj packages.

The Umrah Plus package from Shabilla Travel offers simultaneous trips to several countries such as Turkey, Oman, Aqsho, Dubai and Europe.

For the price of the Regular Umrah package itself, it is priced at 23.5 million. For Umrah Plus packages starting from 26 million. You can learn the full details through the website or ask the relevant contact directly.


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