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Microbus transportation is currently one of the most reliable vehicles to meet various needs, such as shuttle employees, schools, guests, travel, family recreation, official visits and many more.

Especially in the city of Jakarta, this transportation is also widely used by local people and tourists to go out of town.

One type of microbus in Indonesia is the Toyota Hiace. Toyota Hiace has several advantages, such as a wide and long body, a comfortable interior, a spacious cabin, and a turbodiesel engine.

So, are you looking for a Hiace car to use as your vacation vehicle?

Here we already have a list of recommended Hiace car rental places in Jakarta, some of which provide a key release system.

1. Sembodo Rent Car

  • Address: Jalan Warung Buncit Raya Number 38A, Kalibata, Pancoran, South Jakarta
  • No. Phone: 021 2753 3999
  • Whatsapp: 0813 8508 1234

Now at Sembodo Rent Car you can rent a Hiace car with two options, namely using the driver or removing the key.

The Hiace Commuter available at Sembodo Rent Car consists of two types, namely Standard and Luxury with a passenger capacity of 15 seats and 8-12 seats respectively.

2. Cipendawa Rent

  • Address: Jalan Delta Barat Number 156, Pekayon Jaya, South Bekasi, West Java 17148
  • No. Phone: 0817 0079 567
  • Whatsapp: 0817 0079 567

Cipendawa Rent is a Hiace rental service company that is domiciled in Bekasi but also serves demand in Jakarta.

Cipendawa Rent serves rentals for trips within and outside the city with rates ranging from 1.4 million to 4 million.

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3. Karental ID

  • Address: Wisma Barito Pasific Tower A 1st Floor, Jakarta
  • No. Phone: 0812 1417 5199
  • Whatsapp: 0812 1417 5199

Karental ID also provides Toyota Hiace type van rental services with rental rates that are more affordable than other places.

With only a budget of 1,450 million, you can rent this Hiace microbus with a duration of 12 hours and this price includes drivers and fuel.

Meanwhile, for use outside the city, Karental ID sets rental prices from 1.5 million to 1.6 million.

4. Gili Trans

  • Address: Jalan Moch. Kahfi II Number 32, Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta City 12620
  • No. Phone: 0812 2002 599
  • Whatsapp: 0812 2002 599

The next option is Gili Trans, which is located at Jagakarsa, precisely at Jalan Moch. Kahfi II Number 32.

Gili Trans provides Hiace rentals for airport drop-off transfers, tourism, homecoming packages, and monthly rentals. The rental price itself is 1.5 million per day for use in the city.

5. Alia Trans

  • Address: East Tipar Street, Semper Barat, Cilincing, North Jakarta City 14130
  • No. Phone: 0878 8731 4077
  • Whatsapp: 0878 8731 4077

Alia Trans is the next Hiace & Elf car rental service provider that is ready to facilitate your every travel need starting from drop points, shuttles, travel, airport transfers, homecoming, business trips, business activities and many more.

The rental rates themselves start from 950 thousand to 2.7 million.

6. Arundina Transportation

  • Address: Jalan Raya Bojong Kulur Number 13, Ciangsana, Gunung Putri, Bogor, West Java 16968
  • No. Phone: 0812 1480 2420
  • Whatsapp: 0812 1480 2420
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Arundina Transportasi is a company engaged in vehicle rental in the form of Hiace, Elf, Medium Bus and Big Bus.

Hiace rental prices in Arundina This transportation is starting from 900 thousand for transfers within the city, while for tours outside the city the fare is 1.1 million.

7. Mahendra Transport

  • Address: Jalan Cempaka Putih Barat 2B Number 6D, Cempaka Putih Barat, Kota Jakarta Pusat 10520
  • No. Phone: 0812 9508 6663
  • Whatsapp: 0812 9508 6663

Mahendra Transport also rents a Hiace car as a traveling companion with family for tourism, event or company business needs.

The Hiace cars they provide have several types with adjustable passenger capacities. Find out the price information via the number we listed above.

8. Aira Trans

  • Address: Jalan Raya Headquarters of Defense and Security Number 45, Cipayung, East Jakarta
  • No. Phone: 0817 137 686
  • Whatsapp: 0817 137 686

You must also include Hiace Jakarta rental from Aira Trans as an additional reference because they offer quite affordable rental rates with the best quality.

The Toyota Hiace Commuter owned by Aira Trans is good for trips inside and outside the city.

9. M2P Rent Car

  • Address: Jalan Karang Pola VII Number 2, Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta
  • No. Phone: 0813 8008 8869
  • Whatsapp: 0813 8008 8869

Apart from providing premium cars such as Mercedes Benz, Alphard Transformer, Fortuner VRZ, M2P Rent Car, it also rents out Toyota Hiace fleet units, you know.

This vehicle is indeed suitable for group transportation both short and long distances.

10. Cys Trans

  • Address: Jalan WR Supratman Blok G Number 18, Cempaka Putih, East Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten 15142
  • No. Phone: 021 2274 0047
  • Whatsapp: 0811 8416 6223
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Finally, there is Cys Trans, which provides Hiace mircobuses for rent to be used as transportation for various purposes.

Even though its location is in Tangsel, Cys Trans serves trips or shuttles within the city of Jakarta, you know.

So, that’s the tenth list of Hiace microbus rental places in Jakarta that you can enter into your group’s travel transportation reference list.



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