10 Enchantments of Central Java You Must Visit

Travel Blog IndonesiaCentral Java has several very interesting areas to visit. Central Java has an administrative area that is divided into six cities and 29 districts. Central Java is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Java. Forget for a moment about tourist destinations, how diverse the languages ​​in Central Java are to have up to nine dialects of Javanese. The most easily recognizable is the Banyumasan dialect doing nothing.

This time the Travel Blog Indonesia will review 10 charms of Central Java that you must visit when traveling to Central Java.

Sikunir Dieng Hill

Maybe some of you are not familiar with Sikunir Hill. This hill is located in Sembungan village, Kejajar District, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java. From the top of Sikunir hill, you can see the beautiful golden sunrise and eight cool mountain ranges from the top of Sikunir hill. It is not easy to reach Sikunir hill. It takes stamina and strong physicality to reach the top of this hill.

Dieng Sikidang crater

Sikidang Crater, which is located in Batur sub-district, Banjarnegara district, Central Java, is indeed very exotic. Local people even have a very interesting myth here about dreadlocks descent. Sikidang Crater has a mud pond with a diameter of about four meters. White smoke rose from the Sikidang crater like a dancing king’s daughter. However, for the safety of the soul, you cannot stay here for long because the poisonous gas content is very dangerous for humans if inhaled in excess.

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New Selo Boyolali

New Selo Boyolali is an interesting place because it is located between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. From here you can enjoy the beauty of the two popular mountains in Central Java. Don’t forget to stop by the north side of New Selo, because there is already a tower of view which immediately presents the beauty of Mount Merbabu. If the weather is clear, you can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro to the west.

Merapi Merbabu

Merapi Merbabu is like a twin because it is located next to each other. The best location to enjoy both at the same time is from Selo, Boyolali. However, you can also witness the might of Merapi Merbabu from Ketep Pass in Ketep Village, Sawangan District, Magelang Regency. This is the most popular spot to see the majesty of Merapi from the most suitable angle for landscape photos.

Borobudur temple

Borobudur is one of Indonesia’s most universal icons. The building, which has 2,672 reliefs and 504 Buddha statues, is one of the wonders of the world known throughout the ages as the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

Mendut Temple

Not far from Borobudur Temple, there is a temple which also has a very long historical value. The temple, which is estimated to have been built in the ninth century, is a Buddhist temple located in Mendut Village, Magelang, Central Java. It is not as big as Borobudur Temple, but on the big day of Vesak, Buddhists also make it a place of worship rituals.

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Holy Tower

Manara Masjid, which was built by Sunan Kudus, has indeed become one of the popular icons in Kudus Regency, Central Java. This tower is very unique because it is different from other mosque minarets. If you look closely, this tower is like a temple building. This is evidence of cultural fusion at the time of the spread of Islam led by the Guardians.

Holy Gate

Apart from being known for the iconic minaret of the Kudus mosque, there is one more landmark that cannot be missed. The Holy Gate of the City of Kretek is one of the distinctive monuments that imagines Kudus as a city that produces kretek cigarettes. The gate that was built cost almost Rp. 16 billion is now one of the interesting icons in Kudus, Central Java.

Bandengan Beach, Jepara

The beach, which is located not too far from Jepara Regency, is always crowded with visitors. This beach has calm waves and a gentle shoreline. At Bandengan Beach you can try various water rides such as banana boats, jet skis, canoes to ATVs around the shoreline.

Long Island Jepara

Jepara besides having Karimunjawa also has a beautiful island, Pulau Panjang. The island, which is located in the Ujung Batu village, is an island that is rarely visited by people so that it has an environment that is still virgin. Access to Panjang Island can be from Kartini beach, which is only 2.5 km away and takes about 10 minutes. Typical of the island on the north coast, it presents charming white sand and a sloping beach so it is safe to swim because the waves on the north shore are calmer.

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