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Cibubur is a large area in the Ciracas sub-district, East Jakarta. The area is known to be quite beautiful because it is located around the village area.

In addition, this area is also synonymous with camping ground, as evidenced by almost every year all selected scout members from all over Indonesia gather here to hold several activities.

The area which is close to the city of Depok and Jalan Raya Bogor also has several interesting tourist attractions such as Lake Situ Biru, Gantole hill and so on.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this Camping Ground is often visited by many people, be it for traveling or just passing through.

And to pamper newcomers, of course, a more comfortable mode of transportation is needed. For this reason, car rental services in Cibubur are one of the alternatives.

So, if you are a Travel Blog Indonesia Friend who is planning to visit Cibubur and are confused about finding the best car rental place, just choose one from the list of references below.

1. Kholil Rent Car

Office: Jl. Pulo No.58, RT.003 / RW.009, Jatikarya, Kec. Jatisampurna, Bekasi City, West Java 17435, Indonesia (behind the Citra Grand Cibubur housing complex)
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/kholil-rental-mobil
Phone / WA No: 081280421886
IG @kholil_rental_mobil

Using public transportation in Jakarta seems to be the most appropriate choice, but an alternative to getting around Jakarta safer and more comfortable is a car rental service that will take you from one destination to another more easily. KHOLIL RENT CAR was founded with the aim of providing maximum car rental services for everyone, both expats, visitors, as well as national and international companies who need short and long term car rentals at competitive prices and quality services.
When you need short term car rental or long term car rental in Jakarta, Indonesia; we are ready to help by providing KHOLIL RENT CAR with excellent conditions. The types of cars we provide:
Alphard Rental, Avanza Rental, Innova Rental, Fortuner Rental, Pajero Rental, and other types of cars.
Short-term car rental must be with a driver that cannot be unlocked, while for a long-term car rental of at least 3 days we can provide a lock-free car with the applicable terms and conditions
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us


CAR + DRIVER = RP. 1,500,000 12 / HOUR

CAR + DRIVER = RP. 700,000 / 12 HOURS

CAR + DRIVER = RP. 500,000 / 12 HOURS

CAR + DRIVER = RP. 1,500,000 / 12 HOURS

CAR + DRIVER = RP. 3,000,000

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CAR + DRIVER = RP. 450,000 / 12 HOURS

CAR + DRIVER = RP. 450,000

2. Wulan Rent Car

Address: Jalan Portiara Rt 01 Rw 05 Natural Gas, Cimanggis, Depok (Next to Cisalak Toll Exit)
Phone number: 082153701885
Whatsapp: 082153701885

Wulan Rent Car is a rental that provides various types of vehicle units, from city cars to premium cars. Manual and automatic Wulan Rent Car provide at competitive prices As well as extra services for unlocking and taking the unit to the customer free house if the radius is 10km.

Various events such as:
1. Asian Paragames
2. Telkomsel Jakarta Bogor
3. Project Bsw Cikeas Lapas

We are waiting for orders from our customers, both new ones and those who have worked with us so far.


Office address: Cibubur Country Boulevard, Cikeas Udik, Kec. Mt. Putri, Bogor, West Java 16966
Phone number: 081219670188
Whatsapp: 081219670188
Instagram: instagram.com/rentalmobil_bleser/

The cheapest and most reliable car rental service for the Jabodetabek area with complete and up-to-date fleet support and friendly service accompanied by experienced and humorous drivers.

Relatively affordable rental prices, starting from 300 thousand, are ready to pamper your trip

Ready to serve whenever and wherever according to the location you want without queuing with fast and accurate service.

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

5. Windy Rent Car

  • Address: Cibubur, Ciracas District, East Jakarta
  • Phone / Mobile Number: 0822 1332 5787
  • Whatsapp: 0822 1332 5787
  • Price: Starting from Rp. 300,000 / day

Another good car rental place that can be used as an alternative in the Cibubur area is Windy Rent Car.

This rental service provider provides various types of vehicles for rent to the office or private, both daily to monthly, either by driver or by unlocking.

And here there are various types of cars, there are automatic as well as manual. If you want more information, please visit the website www.windyrentcar.com

6. Morena Rent

  • Address: Citra Commercial Area Gran Blok R9 No.3-6, Jl. Alternative Cibubur
  • Phone / Mobile Number: (021) 8431 1622

Morena rent also one of the companies that provide rental services for various vehicles in Cibubur which is quite solid to be an option.

Apart from being affordable, the types of vehicles are complete, from motorbikes, luxury sedans to transport trucks for the delivery of goods, all here.

7. ARM Rent Car

  • Address: Jln.Popki Cibubur RT. 08 RW. 07, Kec. Ciracas, East Jakarta
  • Phone / Mobile Number: 0856 9537 8447
  • Whatsapp: 0856 9537 8447

Looking for car rentals around the Cibubur area is not difficult, Friends of Travel Blog Indonesia can rely on ARM rental services Rent Car on Popki Street.

ARM is a vehicle rental service company that has served in several cities, including Cibubur, East Jakarta.

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As one of the best car rental agencies that provides many car units and offers quite competitive prices, ARM is here to provide services free driver for its customers.

8. Platinum Rent Car

  • Address: Jln. Raya Pabuaran No.88, Cikeas Udik, Gunung Putri, Bogor, West Java
  • Phone Number: / Mobile: 0813 1339 4241

Car rental Platinum this is also arguably the best rental service provider in Cibubur because besides the price is affordable, the vehicle is comfortable, the power the driver also quite professional and reliable in their field.

Not only serving daily rental services, Platinum rent car also provides the provision of luxury cars for brides and pick-up vehicles for moving either with the driver or without keys.

For the types of fleets that are available there Honda Jazz matic, Avanza, Innova, Pajero, Fortuner, box, Camry, Grand Max, Pick up, Vellfire, Elf Short / Long, Toyota Hiace and medium / big bus.


Center address: Jln. Central Kalibata No. 16 Kalibata – pancoran – Sunday Market – Jakarta 12740
Phone number : 081310318971
Whatsapp: 085719963170

Rental mobil cibubur 630x380 - 10 Cibubur Car Rentals, Private City Rentals Cheap Daily Monthly Tours Hiace Inova Jazz

alfadiva RENTCAR is a transportation company engaged in the Toyota Kijang Innova specialist car rental / rental services of various types and years which was founded in 2005 with self-drive services or with professional, experienced drivers who have been trained and have high integrity.

Our customers are diverse with all their needs and activities such as business needs, family or personal events, groups or weddings.

As a complement to our services to our consumers, as car rental entrepreneurs, we also provide various types of the latest and most complete fleets such as:
City car: Yaris, Brio, Ignis, Agya, Ayla
Family Car: Avanza, Xenia, Mobilio, Ertiga, Calya and Zigra
Premium Car: Toyota Innova, Fortuner VRZ & SRZ, Pajero Sport / Dakkar, Alphard / Vellfire, Hyundai H1, Nav 1, Serena, Camry
Tourism: Toyota Hiace, ELF Short / Long, Medium Bus & Big Bus

24-hour non-stop service at 085719963170 (Wa) / 081310318971 or you can visit
our website: www.alfadivarentcar.com.
Immediately make a reservation or booking email: [email protected].

10. Audy Car Rental

  • Address: Metland Transyogi Sektor Gandaria Blok GD 5 No.32, Cileungsi, Cibubur, Kab. Bogor, West Java
  • Phone / Mobile Number: 0852 8128 8380
  • Price: Starting from IDR 450,000-IDR 1,200,000 / 12 hours

The first car rental place that is most suitable to be used as a reference is Audy rental car. JThis cheap vehicle rental is located at Metland Transyogi Gandaria Blok GD V No.32, Cileungsi area.

Audy rent car itself provides various types of the latest sedan car brands such as Avanza, Xenia, Mobillio, Innova, Ertiga, Alphard, Camry, Isuzu Elf and others.

For daily, Audy offers cheap rates ranging from 450 thousand to 1 million with a duration of 12 hours. This price includes the driver but not the cost of gasoline, tolls and parking.

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11. Dewa Rent Car

  • Address: Jln. Raya Cibubur-Cileungsi, Ciracas District, East Jakarta
  • Phone / Mobile Number: 0822 2030 1111; 0878 7615 5556
  • Whatsapp: 0822 2030 1111
  • Price: Starting from IDR 400,000-IDR 2,000,000 / 12 hours

God rent car It also provides new vehicle units for various purposes, be it for tours, wedding cars or public transportation at quite affordable prices.

Besides that God rent car also serve daily, weekly to monthly rentals. And the price offered by the place is included the driver but not fuel, parking, tolls and driver meals.

12. Gotrans Rent Car

  • Address: Jln. Cibubur 1 No.45 RT. 004 RW. 012, Kec. Ciracas, East Jakarta
  • Phone / Mobile Number: 0811 1144 434
  • Price: Starting from IDR 400,000 / 12 hours

Next there is Gotrans rent car, namely a network of car rental service providers which is part of Zitrans Group.

Gotrans rent car Also present to offer services for providing various new car brands that are ready to be rented for 24 hours, weekly, monthly or annual contracts with a company.

13. PT. Galang Insan Pratama

  • Address: Jln.Sarinembah No.11F, Harjamukti, Cibubur, Kec.Cimanggis, Depok, West Java
  • Phone / Mobile Number: (021) 2285 1033

PT.Galang Insan Pratama is a company that provides long-term service and rental vehicles in the Jabodetabek area.

Apart from providing a line of the latest vehicles, PT.Galang is also known for its professional service and offers competitive prices.

Starting from ordinary cars to luxury sedans, everything is complete, provided by PT Galang Insan Innova, Alphard, Vellfire, Fortuner, Pajero to Hiace.

14. Jims Rent Car

  • Address: Jln. Cibubur VIII No.01, RW.09, Kec. Ciracas, East Jakarta
  • Phone / Mobile Number: 0813 8883 1329

The next four-wheeled vehicle rental agent which is also quite okay to be an alternative name is Jims rent car, located on Jalan Cibubur 8 number 1.

By providing various types of vehicles, Jims rent car ready to serve its customers both for daily to monthly rent and the price is quite friendly.

15. Ismi Jaya

  • Address: Jln. Raya Pabuaran, Bojong Nangka, Gunung Putri, Bogor, West Java
  • Phone / Mobile Number: 0812 9921 8149
  • Price: Starting from IDR 450,000-IDR 2,300,000

Ismi Jaya rental is also one of the car rental service providers in Cibubur that offers competitive prices for both trips inside and outside the city.

IJR is equipped with well-trained drivers and good driving skills, so you don’t need to bother looking anymore the driver competent.

In addition, the rental price is relatively affordable, starting from 400 thousand to millions of rupiah, depending on the type of car and length of use.



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