10 Cheapest Garut Tour Packages Rp. 115,000 2020 2 Days 1 Night From Jakarta For Honeymoon Families

Sampireun village, photo by instagram.com/yudhishafiedz

Garut is one of the districts in West Java. If you hear the name Garut, what you will remember the most is dodol Garut, and fighting sheep because Garut is famous for its fighting sheep.

Apart from that, Garut also has natural, cultural, historical, and much more that can be visited for your travel agenda. What can be enjoyed in this district? Here is a review of cheap Garut travel packages 2020:

1. Hoteldiindonesia.net

No. Phone: 082-117-300-224
Starting price: IDR 2,500,000

For married couples who want to enjoy vacation time with just the two of them, Hoteldiindonesia.net provides packages for their honeymoon. The price of one package is IDR 2,500,000 with a duration of 2 days and 1 night.

This package is a honeymoon package Sampireun Village, where you will be invited to Seruling Bambu Restaurant, floating candle light dinner on a raft, afternoon tea and fried foods, floating surabi, 60 minutes spa, to couple photos.

If coming from outside the city, there are two pick-up alternatives, namely in Bandung by adding IDR 1,000,000. It could also be from Jakarta by adding IDR 2,000,000. If you want a city tour, you can add an additional fee of IDR 500,000.

2. Kampungsampireun.com

Address: Jl. Raya Samarang Kamojang KM4 Kp.Ciparay, Sukakarya Village, Samarang, Garut.
Phone: 081-323-007-130
Starting price: IDR 600,000

If you want to get around town, you can use package services from kampungsampireun.com. The cheapest price is IDR 600,000 per car, maximum 6 people. So, it can be a vacation for the family.

With this price, you will be invited to tour the city for three hours, visiting the Batik Garutan Gallery, Leather Factory Gallery, Akar Wangi & Handicraft Center, and the Traditional Snack Center.

This price includes the driver, car and fuel, parking fees, guides, and entrance tickets. If you want to be picked up from Jakarta, add to the cost of IDR 2,400,000. Picked up from Bandung plus IDR 1,200,000. This price includes round trip.

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3. Doyanjalan.com

Telephone number: 0811-3999-479
Starting price: IDR 750,000

For tours to Garut from Jakarta, you can use the services of Doyanjalan.com. Especially if there are many tour members, because this service provides packages for many participants, 45-55 participants, with a duration of 2 days and 1 night.

The first day, pick up at the designated place in Jakarta, then travel to Puncak Darajat Pass and have lunch at Puncak Darajat Resto. After checking in to the hotel, you can enjoy waterboom, outbound, or other rides.

On the second day, you will be invited to jog at the location of the inn with a very cool morning atmosphere.

After that check out and visit Cangkuang Temple. And the last location to visit is the Sukaregang Leather craft center and the center for typical Dodol souvenirs.

4. Belva-tourtravel.com

Address: Jl. Raya Siliwangi No.4 Cicurug, Sukabumi
Telephone number: 0852-1527-9526
Starting price: IDR 950,000

For small groups, you can use the services of belva-tourtarvel.com. The price per package for a minimum number of participants of 14 people is IDR 950,000, with a tour duration of 2 days and 1 night.

On the first day, depart from Jakarta to Garut, then head to Situ Cangkuang where you will be invited to enjoy the panorama around Situ Cangkuang by raft.

Then have lunch at a local restaurant, after which participants will be invited to visit the Sabda Alam swimming pool in Cipanas. Then back to hotel and free program.

On the second day, after checking out you will be taken to visit a natural spa tour of hot springs and the Railway crater in Kamojang Crater. Then visit the Sukaregang leather handicraft center and end with visiting the Garut souvenir center.

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5. Garuttrip.com

Address: Green Hill Resort Samarang Garut, Kp. Cireungit, Jl. Raya Samarang, Kec. Tarogong Kidul, Garut.
Telephone number: 089-663-7478-48
Starting price: IDR 450,000

For those who want to enjoy camping tours, Garuttrip.com provides packages for camping on Mount Papandayan at a price per package of IDR 450,000. Easy access and its natural beauty can make your vacation even more memorable.

With this price, you will get facilities in the form of camping equipment, entrance tickets for tourist sites, food, documentation, porters, and tour guides.

6. Bumibatara.com

Address: Batara Wetan Village, Sukarame Village, Garut Regency
Telephone number: 08-1122-519-63
Starting Price: IDR 50,000

For those of you who want to experience rafting like in Green Canyon, Pangandaran, Garut also has a fun rafting place. The package for one-time rafting with a minimum of 6 participants is IDR 250,000.

Apart from rafting, there are also other activities that can be done, namely paintball for Rp. 100,000, rivertubing or river tracing for Rp. 50,000 for one hour, flying fox and highrope for Rp. 50,000 and off-road at Rp. 250,000.

7. Digarut.com

Address: CV Panca Media, Permata Hijau Residence B2, Tarogong Kidul, Garut
Telephone number: 0822-1881-4444
Starting Price: IDR 285,000

If you want to challenge your adrenaline with white water rafting, in Batara Village, Sukarame Village, Bayongbong District, provide the means for this sport. Apart from rafting you can also do rafting.

The rafting and rafting location is on the Cimanuk River, which is not far from Darajat and Cipanas. With a distance of 12 km rafting.

For Rp. 285,000, you will enjoy full day rafting, free wellcome drink, 1 snack and 1 meal.

8. Paketwisatamurah.net

Address: Jl. Indra River Giri Raya, No.456C, Semper Barat, North Jakarta
Telephone number: 0813-8591-7722
Starting price: IDR 700,000

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Paketwisatamurah.net provides tours in Garut for 2 days 1 night. The destinations visited were Cangkuang Temple and enjoyed Cangkuang Situ using a traditional bamboo boat called getek.

After that, head to Telaga Bodas tour, then visit a replica tour of the Balinese village. On the second day, participants will be invited to Kampung Naga, tour Situ Bagendit, and shop for typical Garut souvenirs.

This tour package provides pick-up and drop-off back to Jakarta, with a meeting point in Jakarta.

The facilities obtained are in the form of lodging at the homestay, transportation with elf AC, drivers, gasoline, parking fees, 4x meals, tour entrance tickets, tour guides, and mineral water.

9. Arfakatourtravel.com

Address: Jl. Peninggaran Timur III No.33, Kebayoran Lama Utara, South Jakarta
Telephone number: 081-6967-487
Starting Price: IDR 115,000

To enjoy one day on the Darajat Pass Garut, you can use the services offered by Arfakatourtravel.com. With prices starting at Rp. 115,000 for students and Rp. 120,000 for adults, you can enjoy a day at the Darajat Pass.

In one package, the facilities obtained are tour buses (including tolls, parking, and fuel), Darajat Pass entrance tickets, lunch with lead rice, mineral water, event banners, tour leaders.

This package is for a large number of participants, at least 50 people. So, for one-class tours, you can choose the package offered.

10. Hoteldigarut.net

Telephone number: 089-660-271-603
Starting Price: IDR 390,000

Hoteldigarut.net provides packages for one day trips, reunions, study tours, comparative studies, meetings, family gatherings, company outing and capacity building. So for large tour groups, you can use this package.


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