10 Cheap Pari Island Tour Packages Rp. 250,000 3 Days 2 Nights 2020 From Jakarta Bandung One Day Trip at the End of the Year

Pari Island is one of the tourist objects in the Thousand Islands. Precisely in the South Thousand Islands District, Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta, Indonesia.

This area has 3 excellent objects namely virgin beach, Bukit Matahari pier, and kresek sand beach.

In the three objects, there are many spots and activities that can be done. Therefore, tourists will usually stay here for 2 to 3 days.

Even though it can be visited independently, if you plan to stay overnight, then taking a vacation to this place by joining a tour is the right choice.

Because in addition to being effective, now there are also a lot of tour services that provide tour packages to stingrays at a fairly cheap cost.

If you are interested, then you can register yourself in one of the following tour packages.

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Telephone / Mobile:

2. Tourspulaupari.com

Address: Jln. Utama Pari Raya No. 32 Rt. 002/004 Exod. Pari, Kec. Southern Thousand Islands
Website: tourspulaupari.com
Phone number: 081222211905 – 081511635155 (Tel / WA) – (Email)
Starting Price: Rp. 250,000

The first tour service that offers tours to Pari Island is tourspulaupari.com.

Headquartered at the address written above, this tour service provides several package options including the following packages:

  • Save 2 days 1 night via muara angke with costs starting at IDR 250,000 per person
  • Full complete 2d1n night via muara angke with costs starting from Rp. 300,000 per person
  • Full complete 3h2m via muara angke with prices starting from IDR 500,000 per person
  • One day trip via Marina Ancol with the lowest cost of IDR 550,000 per person
  • Full complete 2 days 1 night via Marina Ancol with costs starting from Rp.600,000 per person

While the services and facilities that you will get by following the tour above are round-trip boat tickets, insurance, opening drinks, homestay, 6 meals, 1 casual bike per person, guides, entrance tickets and others.

3. Sheila Holiday

Website: pulauseribu-resorts.com
Phone number: (021) 26072021 (Tel)
Opening hours: Monday-Friday (08.00-21.00) – Saturday & Sunday (09.00-21.00)
Starting Price: Rp. 290,000

PT. Sheila holiday or also known as sheila tour & travel is a company engaged in tour package services and promotion of tourist attractions.

Starting their services in 2007, this company has become the largest and most experienced E / O of the thousand island tours.

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Some of the packages offered by PT Sheila Holiday are:

  • Enjoy 2 days 1 night via cool times with prices starting from Rp.290,000 per person
  • Standard via Kali Cool with prices starting from Rp. 330,000 per person
  • Super complete plus banana boat via cool times with prices starting from Rp. 365,000
  • Standard speedboat via Marina Ancol with prices starting from IDR 620,000 per person
  • Super complete speedboat plus banana boat via Ancol Marina with the lowest cost of Rp.640,000 per person

The price above includes several facilities and services such as a return ferry / speedboat, air-conditioned accommodation, 3 meals, mineral water, bicycles, banana boats, snorkeling boats, guides, underwater cameras, barbeques and others.

4. Paradiso Traveling

Address: Ruko Villa Mutiara Pluit Blok B1 No. 34 Tangerang (Head office) – Citra garden city 1 Ext 1 no. 40 West Jakarta (Branch office)
Website: paradisotraveling.com
Phone number: + 628128765-4309 (Tel / WA) – [email protected] (Email)
Opening hours: Monday-Friday (09.30-17.30) – Saturday (09.30-13.00)
Starting Price: Rp. 510,000

Paradiso traveling provides 4 choices of pari island tour packages with meeting points from Kali Cool Muara Angke and Marina Ancol Pier.

The four packages are 3 days 2 nights, 2 days 1 night, one day trip and open trip. Regarding the package price for paradiso traveling, it starts at Rp.510,000.

While the facilities and services that the participants will get are transportation tickets, insurance guarantees, welcome drinks, homestays, meals 3 times for 2D1D and 6 times a day for 3D2D, mineral water, snorkeling equipment and many others.

5. Pulau-seribu.com

Address: Jln. Rs Ancol Selatan No.8 Kel. Sunter Agung, Tanjung Priuk District, North Jakarta
Website: island-seribu.com
Phone number: 0878-8843-8882 (Tel / WA) – (Email)
Starting Price: Rp. 450,000

This tour service provides 3 choices of tour packages, namely the duration of 3 days 2 nights, 2 days 1 night and one day trip with prices starting from IDR 450,000 per person.

This price includes ferry / speedboat facilities for transportation, air-conditioned homestay, 1 unit of bicycle, complete snorkeling equipment, underwater cameras and traditional boats.

6. Visitpulaupari.com

Address: Ex. Pari Kec. Southern Thousand Kep
Website: visitpulaupari.com
Phone number: 085772116411 (Tel / WA)
Starting Price: Rp. 495,000

This tour service serves trips to three islands in the thousand islands. Apart from pari, they also provide tour packages to Tidung and Harapan Island.

Especially for Pari, this tour service offers 3 package options, namely via Ancol, via angke and a day trip package okay.

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For the price of the package itself starts from IDR 495,000 per person with facilities and services including round-trip speedboat tickets, insurance, homestay, welcome drink, 3 meals, bicycles, guides, entrance tickets and others.

7. Wisatapulaupari-kk.com

Website: wisatapulaupari-kk.com
Phone number: 082110893015 (Tel)
Starting Price: Rp. 400,000

wisatapulaupari-kk.com is a tour service that serves tour trips such as office outings, corporate gatherings, private family trips, open trips and others.

This tour service is run by traveling lovers who are experts and experienced in their fields, so that you will definitely get satisfying services and facilities.

Some of the stingray tour packages provided by this tour service for office and family outings are 3 days 2 nights, 2 days 1 night and one day tours.

As for the price of the package itself starts from Rp. 400,000 per pack with ferry ticket facilities, welcome drink, boats, snorkeling equipment, bicycles, homestays, guides, underwater photos and entrance tickets.

8. Pulaupariwisataku.com

Address: Pari, South Thousand Islands, DKI Jakarta, 14520
Website: akanupariwisataku.com
Phone number: 085313124125 – 085779022663 (Tel / WA)
Starting Price: Rp. 250,000

Pulaupariwisataku.com is a tour service that provides travel services to Pari with package options:

  1. Save via Muara Angke and Ancol 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights
  2. Complete via Muara Angke and Ancol 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights
  3. One day trip via Marina Ancol

Meanwhile, the price starts from IDR 250,000 with round trip wooden boat ticket facilities, insurance, welcome drink, homestay, 2 meals, last night barbeque, casual bicycle, local guid and entrance ticket.

9. Haraduta.com

Website: haraduta.com
Phone number: 0812-9902-0480 (Tel / WA) –[email protected] (Email)
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday (09.00-22.00) – Friday (09.00-16.00)
Starting Price: Rp. 360,000

haratuda.com currently provides open trip services for tourists who want to vacation to Pari with adequate facilities and low costs.

At a cost of IDR 360,000 via Muara Angke and IDR 660,000 via Ancol Marina Pier, you can enjoy the beauty of virgin sand beaches, Rat Island, APL, LIPI, kresek beach and of course the hill of the sun.

This fee also includes transportation facilities, 3 meals a day buffet, mineral water, lodging, guides, tickets and bicycles.

10. Tourpulaupari.com

Address: Pulau Pari Seribu Islands
Phone number: 0818 067 32315 – [email protected] (Email)
Starting Price: Rp. 250,000

This tour service offers tour packages to Pari both from the mouth of the Angke-Pari or Mariana-Pari routes. They provide 3 packages of 3 days 2 nights, 2 days 1 night and one day trip.

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The tourist spots that will be visited when using this tour service are virgin sand beaches, LIPI, Rat Island, Bintang Beach, Kresek Beach, and Bukit Matahari.

The price of this package starts from IDR 250,000 per person.

11. Wisatajalaner.com

Address: Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu No. 34 South Jakarta
Website: Wisatajalaner.com
Phone number: 0818 021 89000) (Tel / WA) – [email protected] (Email)
Opening hours: Every day (09.00 – 22.00)
Starting Price: Rp. 200,000

The last tour service that can be used for a vacation to Pari is Wisatajalaner.com.

This tour service provides 2 optional packages, namely the 3 days 2 nights package and the 2 days 1 night package.

The package prices offered start from Rp. 200,000 per person with destination attractions such as virgin sand beaches, kresek beaches, LIPI, Bintang Beach and Bukit Matahari.

While some of the facilities and services you will get are round trip boat tickets, insurance, 3 meals for the 2 days 1 night package and 6 times for the 3 days 2 nights package, homestay, snorkeling plus boats, underwater cameras, guides and tourist entrance tickets. .

12. Dino Traveling

Address: Pulau Tidung RT. 001/03 No. 20 Southern Thousand Islands – 14520
Opening hours: 09.00 – 22.00 WIB
Phone number: 085200000344
WhatsApp: 085200000344 or 085600000344
Website: dinotraveling.com

For those of you who are looking for cheap Pari Island tour packages with complete facilities and okay services, immediately contact Dino Traveling, a thousand island tour that has been proven to be trusted and experienced in handling Pari island tours in the Thousand Islands.

Many choices of Pari Island tour packages are available on this trip. Such as: economical packages, standard packages, complete packages and speedboat packages at Dino Traveling. Package prices start from Rp. 260,000 for the 2 days 1 night package category.

So that’s a list of the cheapest Pari island tour packages that you can choose. In our opinion, all of the tour services above have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

So, please just choose according to the vacation budget that you have prepared. Have a good vacation.


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