10 Car Rental Rentals in Sidoarjo 2020 with 24-Hour Free Keys, Cheap Prices, Automatically With No Driver

Sidoarjo is one of the regencies located in East Java Province, this city is one of the pillars of East Java Province because of its compact population and also the very fast economic turnover.

Lots of centralized activities are also held here, because this city is also known as an industrial city and many factories have been built here.

Generally, the activities here are still about economic and trade turnover, but there are also many historical and educational tourist attractions such as museums, monuments, and other natural parks, as well as modern tours.

Well, in order to support all aspects of the activities mentioned above, of course tourists and visitors alike really need a vehicle to meet their driving needs so there are lots of car rental places.

The price is very competitive, here are some lists of car rental in Sidoarjo.

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Hour Open:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Jaya Abadi Trans

Jaya Abadi Trans is also a car rental service provider company, it has been around for a long time, so that its experience in handling customers is not in doubt.

The types of cars for rent are Toyota Alphars, Fortuner, Pajero, Innova, Avanza, Yaris, Honda HRV, Jazz, Xenia, Elf Long, Elf Shod, Hiace, and many more.

Also serving for long-term leases, with a minimum loan term of 6 months and a maximum of 3 years, can be with / without a driver (key off) with certain conditions.

Also serving for shuttle, pick-up / drop passengers, with destinations within and outside the city, shuttle employees, company guests, or shuttle to the airport.

Addressed at Penjaringan Timur No.54, Penjaringan Sari, Rungkut, City of SBY, East Java. Serving for rental vehicles in the Surabaya and Sidoarjo areas.

Contact that can be reached 082337447047, 081217317045. Web address www.jayaabaditranssurabaya.com.

Orders and other information can come directly to the address or contact the number concerned, you can also place an online order on the available web.

3. ARJUNA Rent

Arjuna Rent is a service provider that is engaged in travel services. Serving also the rental of transportation equipment or vehicles.

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Addressed at Mejoyo I Number 9B Surabaya. Regarding info or reservations, please contact Number 081332018083 or email [email protected]

Other information you can see directly on the website, namely www.arjunarent.com.

The types of fleet for rent, Avanza, Innova Reborn, city car, sedan, Toyota Camry, Honda City, Toyota Rush and Honda CRV.

This car rental service provider is quite good and also professional, providing comfort to its customers. The fleets that are used are all in good condition and good for the sake of supporting customer safety and comfort.

4. Adi Trans

Adi Trnas Rent A car is also a provider of car rental services and tours in and out of town.

Serving for holidays, business matters, travel, and also other events that require vehicle support.

Addressed at Komplek Pd Jati BI AL / 29 Sidoarjo. Contact number (031) 8951029.

Regarding reservations, you can come directly to the address or contact the contact mentioned above. Entrust your mobilization needs when visiting Sidoarjo to this transportation service provider because it is very trusted.

5. Bagio

Bagio Rent Car is also a car rental service provider company in Sidoarjo City.

Cars rented by this service provider are comfortable and well-maintained vehicles. Serving for personal and business purposes. The available fleet is quite comfortable and tailored to customer needs.

Vehicle rental packages are available for daily, weekly, monthly, or even long-term or annual ones. Addressed at Jala Taman Candiloka BI H-3/26 Sidoarjo.

Also serving for rent with or without a driver (key off), for further information and reservations, please contact contact number (031) 8955040.

6. Lungota

Lungota Car Rent can be a car rental service that meets your mobilization needs while in Sidoarjo. Addressed at PerumTaman Pinang Indah BI F-2/5 Sidoarjo.

Also serving for trips inside or outside the city, the fleet for rent is very diverse, ranging from Avanza, Xenia, Yaris, Ribs and others.

Regarding ordering information and other information, you can directly contact the telephone number (031) 8969815.

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Serving for business trips, tours, individuals or companies, either with a driver or without a driver.

7. Masjoko

Masjoko Rent Car is a transportation service provider for corporate or private customers. Providing excellent service at affordable prices.

Serving to accompany the needs of business matters, tourist activities, or traveler, family matters, and others, especially in the Sidoarjo area and its surroundings.

Can serve with or without a driver with the terms and conditions that apply. The customer service is open 24 hours, this will make it easier for customers.

The fleet brands provided are Avanza All New, Xenia All New, Toyota Rush, Ayla, Agya, Luxio, Grnad Max, Nissan Grnad Livina, pick up, and others.

Serving for Daily, Monthly, Weekly and also yearly rentals, the rental hours are flexible, which can be 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours.

Reservations or reservations, you can directly reserve online at www.masjokorentcar.blogspot.com.

8. Sriwjaya

Sriwijaya Rent Car is a rental service company in the transportation sector that specializes in car rental. The services provided can be for individuals or individuals as well as companies.

Serving for business visits, weddings, family or private events, tourist activities, weddings, and or other events that require a rental car.

Because it is professional, the service is good enough with the motto to be able to meet consumer needs for transportation.

The fleets used range from luxury cars, regular cars and also foam or mini beasts. Honda Brio, Alphard, Fortuner, Rush, Isuzu Elf, Toyota Hiace and many more.

Reservations or reservations can contact telephone numbers 085232729729 (call / wa), 085232932932 (call / wa), 085106230666 (call), 085106500666 (call), and BB pin 2921C16A, 226E3640 AND 542EC7F4.

Or you can come directly to the office address Jalan Taman Lestari BB No. 18 Pondok Candra Indah Sidoarjo Waru- Surabaya.

9. CV Adlin Group

CV Adlin Group is a cheap car rental in Sidoarjo, for reservations you can come to the address Jalan Luhur Blok A Number 8 rt / rw 15/7 Wagir hamlet, Kwangsan Sedati Village Sidoarjo, or call numbers 082244804470 and 085804855558.

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The available fleets are Avanza, Xenia, ertiga, Great Xenia, Mobilio matic and grand innova, hiace, alphard, elf long tourism bus. Serving car rental with or without a driver, aka off the key, can be for inside or outside the city.

Rent can be 12 hours or half a day or 24 hours a day. For reservations and other information, you can directly contact the contact listed above.

10. Rahayu

Rahayu Mobil Surabaya is a car rental service provider located at Jalan Ikan Cakalang 48 Tambakrejo, Waru Sidoarjo – East Java, Indonesia 61257.

Serving for a variety of needs, can be for individuals or companies both short and long term. It could also be for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

The tourism package consists of a jumbo package for 42 to 59 passengers, a micro package for 28 to 34 passengers and also a tourist car (hiace or elf) for 17 to 18 passengers.

Reservations or reservations can be made directly to that address or contact customer service at 081331080700 or 082333380080, email [email protected]

11. Yes Rent A Car

Yes rent a car is a car rental service provider serving the Surabaya and Sidoarjo areas, the vehicle provided is a high quality vehicle that is also in very prime condition.

This car rental is perfect for those of you who are traveling on business or for other activities such as tours and so on but do not bring a private car.

As for the advantages offered, one price for all destinations, one price for all days, the gasoline at the beginning is always full, and many have recommended it.

Serving for car rental with or without a driver for 24 hours full, Regarding reservations and reservations, you can directly contact numbers (031) 8499798, 081331188811, 083177770660 (car rental plus driver).

And call the number 0817308833 to rent a vehicle without a driver / lock off, can be contacted via line and also watsapp.


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