10 Car Rental Rentals in Siantar Off the Key at Low Prices

Cars are the most popular means of transportation in Indonesia, especially in Siantar City. Its existence is able to facilitate community activities to attend important events, business visits, tourist visits and so on.

Siantar City, which is also one of the big cities, is also busy. The need for vehicles is a basic need for its residents so that many vehicle rental service providers have sprung up here.

The following is a list of vehicle rental service providers in the city of Siantar:

1. Niken Travel

Address: JL. Wisgara, Bane, Kec. North Siantar, Pematangsiantar.
Phone: 081296848970.

Niken Travel is a well-known and professional vehicle rental service provider, serving vehicle rental in the Pemantangsantar area as well as its surroundings.

Rental time can be adjusted according to the needs of each customer so you don’t need to feel rushed when using it. The price is also very affordable and even seems cheap.

The fleets available here are quite varied, many starting from family cars, minibuses and other types of cars. The types of units are the Toyota Agya / cayla, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, and tour buses.

Serving also pick-up and drop-off from Silangit Airport & Kualanamu Airport, tour visits, business visits, pick-up guests, family events, and so on.

Reservations / reservations can directly contact Customer service at telephone number 081296848970 (telp / wa), pin BB 5B1E76A6. Address at Jl. Wisgara, Bane, North Siantar District, Pematangsiantar City, North Sumatra 21142.

2. Daper Trans Rent A Car

Phone: 081265599922.

Daper trans rent a car is a service provider engaged in vehicle rental services. The service is very friendly, affordable and not cheap.

There are also quite a number of available fleets or units, starting from Avanza, Xenia, Innova, or also other types of cars. Apart from serving car rental, it also serves call taxis for the Siantar area, as well as other cargoes.

Direct reservations can contact customer service at number 081265599922 (call / wa). Office and customer service are open every day 24 hours non-stop.

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3. Toba Trans

Address: JL. Sisingamangaraja, Bukit Sofa, Siantar Sitalasari, Pematangsiantar.
Phone: 082285951833.

Toba Trans is a business company engaged in providing vehicle rental services in Simalungun Regency, serving the needs of vehicles for the Pematang Siantar area, Simaungun Regency, and others.

The types of units for rent are Luzio, Xenia, Avz, Rus, terios. Elves and many more. The office address is at Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 171 ?? B, Bukit sofa, Siantar Sitalasari, Pematangsiantar City, North Sumatra 2139.

Also serving for airport shuttle, official visits, tourist visits, graduation events, weddings, bridal cars and so on. The available fleet is ready to assist customers in delivering to important events.

Reservations and reservations please contact the office number (0622) 5894692/082285951833 (call / wa) / 081375446837 (watsapp) or visit the homepage address at www.tobatrans.com.

4. Innova Rental Services per 12 hours

Phone: 082116588477.

This rental service is a service provider that serves car rental in the Pematangsiantar area. Serving and supplying cars or vehicles for rent.

This vehicle rental service provider is a personal service so that prices can be negotiated according to customer needs. Services can be provided with or without a driver.

The only available vehicle units are Kijang Innova and the tenant system is calculated per 12 hours or half a day. The vehicle is always in prime condition and ready to use.

The requirements for renting a vehicle with a key off are that you have to have your house surveyed first, and provide a motorbike as collateral along with a motorbike registration.

If you are interested, you can directly contact telephone contact 082116588477, you can also directly ask for other information about ordering and the conditions of available vehicles.

5. Fortuner Rental Services

Phone: 082304730005.

Fortuner rental service is a provider of fortuner type car rental services in the Pematangsiantar area. These service providers are private business entities, not companies or PT.

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The price offered is very friendly and will not break your pocket, the facilities are quite adequate. Serving rentals with a driver-free system as well as without a driver.

For reservations or reservations please contact number 082304730005, to ask for information about the unit or terms and documents that must be prepared when you want to rent.

6. Embun Sari Car Rental

Address: JL. Sudirman, Simpang Kampung Jawa, Teladan, West Siantar.
Phone: 085262724277.

Embun Sari car rental is a car rental transportation service in Pematangsiantar City, to be exact on Jl. Sudirman, Simpang Kampung Jawa, Teladan, West Siantar, Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra 21144.

The rental package can be unlocked or with the driver, car or fleet used, namely xenia, avanza, apv and others.

The advantages offered are, namely, the cheapest price, saving time and energy, unit maintenance is carried out regularly.

Regarding further information regarding the rental of the vehicle, the order can also directly call the telephone number 085262724277, you can also come directly to the address mentioned above.

7. Moses Rental

Address: JL. DI Panjaitan, Ark Nauli, South Siantar, Pematangsiantar.
Phone: 081361787235.

Moses Rental is a service provider engaged in car rental services, which is located at Jalan DI Panjaitan No. 2, Aek Nauli, South Siantar, Pematangsiantar City, North Sumatra 21116.

The cars provided are Avanza, Xenia and also APV, of course, are priced at low and affordable prices according to customer needs.

For reservations, reservations or other information, you can call 081361787235 or come directly to the office address that has been written above.

Serving vehicle rental for official events, family events, tourist visits, graduations, weddings, bridal cars and so on.

8. Pt. Adi Sarana Armada Tbk (ASSA)

Address: JL. Medan, Tambun Nabolon, Siantar Martina, Pematangsiantar.
Phone: (0622) 29600.

PT. Adi Sarana Armada is a rental service provider company in the transportation sector, especially car rental. Providing services for the Pematangsiantar area and its surroundings.

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Serving for family needs, certain occasions, such as weddings, graduations and others as well as city tours, drop off airports, tourist visits, transfers or pick-up inside or outside the city.

It was started in 2003 with an initial fleet of around 819 vehicles, but now the vehicles owned for rental services are more than 20,800 with approximately 4,100 drivers.

Addressed at Jalan Medan, Km 8 No. 8, Tambun Nabolon, Siantar Martoba, Tambun Nabolon, Siantar Martoba, Pematangsiantar City, North Sumatra 21137. Reservations and reservations can call number (0622) 29600.

9. The King of Car Rental

Phone: 081265529313.

Raja Car Rental is a car rental provider in the Medan area of ​​North Sumatra, serving also for the Pematangsiantar area and its surroundings. The price offered is quite affordable and competitive with others.

The available fleets, namely Avanza, Grand Innova, Innova Reborn, Hiace, Toyota Sienta, Suzuki Ertiga, are in prime condition because they are always serviced regularly. This car rental serves with or without a driver, aka off the keys.

Reservations or reservations can come directly to that address or call the telephone number 081265529313.

10. PT. The Grace of Light Together

Address: JL. Mega Tanjung Rejo Medan.
Phone: 08192149412.

PT. Anugrah Cahaya Bersama is a company that provides car rental services to serve the needs of vehicles for transportation of goods.

Available cars are box cars, pick-up cars, box truck cars, and other options that are suitable for the transportation of goods such as moving offices, apartments, houses, boarding houses, motorbikes, bicycles, catering and others.

Addressed at Jalan Mega No. 03 Tanjung Rejo Medan, North Sumatra 20122, for reservations can come directly to that address or call the number 08192149412 / (061) 845 7831, email [email protected]


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