10 Car Rental Rentals in Purwokerto Rp. 180,000 24-hour Key Off, Cheap Prices 2020 With No Driver Easy Terms

Purwokerto, the capital of Banyumas Regency, to be precise on the southern route of Central Java. This city has various nicknames including the city of transit, city of education, city of chips, city of tourism, and city of retirees.

It is nicknamed the city of retirees because of the many retirees such as state officials who have retired and settled in this city.

In addition there is also a Bank museum which was first established in this city. namely Bank Rakyat Indonesia, founded by Raden Bei Aria Wirjaatmadja is none other than a native of the Purwokerto region.

If you have to remember again, the island of Java and the entire territory of Indonesia cannot be separated from the history of the Dutch colinal colonial period. Likewise with this city, it was explored by the Dutch colonial government in 1914.

From an economic perspective, this city is not included in the category of industrial or trade cities. Although there is considerable potential for trade and industrial investment, considering that this city still has quite a large area of ​​land and road access to other big cities is quite easy.

If asked about the state of natural tourism, Indonesia does not need to be doubted, given the number of tourist attractions scattered in every corner of the city of Indonesia, including Purwokerto.

The tours that can be visited include the BRI Museum, there are also Pancuran Pitu, Telu Shower, Sarabadak Cave, various kinds of waterfalls such as Curug Gede, Ceheng, Belot, Cipendok, Suka Tunggal Mosque, Camp Baturaden, Baturaden Botanical Garden, and many others. .

Although many tourists or travelers come to this city area to see the beauty of natural attractions, there are also many newcomers who just visit or visit their closest relatives and also often have business meetings in this retirement city.

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The means of transportation to this city is also quite easy. However, most people in this city use rail transportation, in addition to public transportation such as buses and others.

For migrants who have arrived at the large Purwokerto station, they don’t have to bother anymore if they want to get around but are constrained by the absence of private vehicles.

In this city, many private vehicle rental services have started, both for pick-up and drop-off from stations to destination locations, as well as to get around in various tourist locations, to long-term rentals that require months or even years. The vehicle rental places, including;

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Alvaro

Jl. Banowati No 27. Purwokerto, Purwokerto Lor Banyumas Regency, Central Java 53114
0821 3737 3525

Alvaro Car Rental, a car rental place in Purwokerto to be precise is located on Jl. Banowati Purwokerto, Banyumas also serves car rental services for 24 hours, both weekdays and holidays.

Provides car rental both from the Purwokerto area, outside Purwokerto to Dieng tourist attractions.

3. Cherry Rentcar

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Timur NO 437 Purwokerto (Cherry Fruit Shop)
0877 3702 1155

Cherry Rentcar, provides Pick Drop, Dropping, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, to Monthly services. Facilitated by the latest fleet, cleanliness and excellent condition of the fleet, experienced drivers, and serving with a professional system.

The car rental located at this Cherry Fruit shop provides several packages, including the first package which is to rent a car only (off the key), package 2 provides a car as well as a driver, and package three provides a car, driver and vehicle fuel.

4. Hans

Jl. DR. Soeparno No 60 Karangwangkal, Banyumas Regency, Central Java
0823 2318 0576, 0858 0243 1012

Hans Car Rental with the jargon “complete and reliable” provides rental for Elf, Hiace, Avanza for 24 hours.

The best fleets are equipped with key off leasing or using drivers who are certainly experienced and control the area around Banyumas both inside and outside the city.

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5. Pratama Rentcar

Perum Sapphire Regency Blok B No. 62 Kober Purwokerto
0813 2586 1851

Pratama Rentcar, located in Perum Sapphire Regency, provides car rental services with various types and types of fleets to offer.

Starting from the Toyota Innova, Daihatsu Xenia, Toyota Avanza, Honda Jazz, to the Isuzu Elf. Either using an experienced driver or using a key off.

6. JanRent

Jl. A Yani Gg Sokajaya No. 64 Rt 03 / Rw 12 Sokanegara, East Purwokerto, Karangjengkol, Banyumas Central Java 53115
0812 2647 5288

JanRent Rental, having its address at Jl. A Yani Gg Sokajaya provides car rental services with professional service for 24 hours. Open every day both weekdays and holidays.

7. Arbi

Jl. Kober Gg Radiul Orchid No 51 Purwokerto Central Java Indonesia
0851 0190 4222, 0815 4295 2220

Arbi Rental Purwokerto, this car rental company was established in Purwokerto on April 20, 2014. It is one of the largest rental services in Banyumas Regency which consists of Banyumas, Cilacap, Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, and Kebumen Regencies.

With the motto “your driving solution” Arbi Rental provides all vehicle rental services for both motorbikes and cars in several areas in the Banyumas district. However, even more interestingly, the price in the rental is negotiable.

With the best service as the slogan, Arbi serves rentals in hours, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Either off the key or private driver from Arbi Rental.

8. Moreno Rentcar

Perum Bumi Arca Indah Blok 5. No 6B Arcawinangun Purwokerto, Central Java
0813 2734 3555

Moreno Rentcar, a car rental service provider that serves several areas including Purwokerto, Cilacap, Purbalingga, and Banjarnegara, is located at Perum Bumi Arca Blok 5 No 6 B.

The philosophy of the name Moreno itself comes from the Javanese language, namely “Mobile Ra Ono” which in Indonesian means “not having a car”. of these opportunities. a car rental company was created as a total solution for transportation needs.

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9. Elf Rental

Jl. KS Tubun Rejasari Rt 06 / Rw 07 West Purwokerto, Banyumas, Central Java 53314
0822 1411 6265

Elf rental, Elf Banyumas car rental is an Elf car rental place in Purwokerto, serving 24 hours, at low prices.

The rate of the car rental is calculated from the length of the rental, the coverage area, as well as the rental with the driver or key unlock as required by the customer

Elf Rental, serving rentals to the entire community. Both in the city of Purwokerto and outside Purwokerto. For example, Tambak, Kemranjen, Sumpiuh, Banyumas, Kalibogor, Buntu, Sokaraja, Baturaden, Sumbang, Kedungbanteng, Cilongok, Ajibarang, Karanglewas, Wangon, Patikraja, Rawalo, to Tanjung Teluk.

10. Hiace Rental

Jl. Kutai Sumampir, Purwokerto, Banyumas, Central Java 53125
0811 2583 777

Hiace Rental, located on Jl. Kutai Sumampir North Purwokerto provides the latest Hiace car rental from Toyota. Comes with tough specification capabilities, plus a charming design and is equipped with a variety of advanced functional features.

This car, which can accommodate 11 to 14 people, is the main choice for tenants for just traveling, traveling, or traveling in the interests of large numbers of passengers.

11. Adi Car

Jl. HR. Soepeno. Rt 04 / Rw) 4 Beji Banyumas Regency, Central Java 53152
0852 2770 4404

Adi Car Rental, a car rental place in Purwokerto, precisely on Jl. HR Soepeno Banyumas serves car rental services for 24 hours, both weekdays and holidays. With affordable prices. Renting out all types of cars, both automatic and manual.

Well, from some of these car rental places, hopefully it will be a solution for Purwokerto newcomers and natives regarding the desired private vehicle with a fairly cheap rental price and of course just as you wish.


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