10 Car Rental Rentals in Mojokerto, Cheap Price 2020 Matic, Without a Driver

Mojokerto is a district in East Java Province which is about 53 km from Surabaya. An area of ​​717.8 km2 is bordered by several districts, such as Lamongan, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Pasuruan, Malang, Batu and Jombang.

Most people know Mojokerto as one of the culinary cities in Indonesia. Because, there are many typical snacks that can be found there. But, who would have thought that the region had a hidden paradise.

Starting from Coban Canggu Waterfall, Dlundung Waterfall, Jengger Peak to Mount Penanggungan. Apart from having natural nuances, there are also cultural, historical and religious tourism objects that are present to pamper local and foreign tourists.

If in mid-2020 you have plans for a vacation to the City of Onde-onde, don’t forget to stop by these destinations.

It is recommended to bring a private vehicle or use the chartered services below to make access to each location easier.


Address: Jl. Bypass Krian KM 27 Sidomojo, Krian Sidoarjo Regency, East Java 61262
Open: 24 hours
Phone number: 081-232-545-955
WA: 081-232-545-955

CV.SRISINERGI TRANS is a car rental transportation service company that prioritizes comfort and satisfaction to its customers. With the support of the latest units and experienced crew drivers CV.SRISINERGI TRANS is committed to providing the best transportation services for all of you.

– Tourism Bus 55 seats
– Medium bus 33 seats
– Elf long Giga 18 seat
– Hiace C 14 seat
– Alphard Transformer
– Fortuner VRZ
– Innova Reborn
– Avansa / Xenia

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

3. Dinar Dirham Gavin

Address: Sumbertanggul Village, Mojosari District
Telephone / Mobile:

If you are looking for a special Hiace rental with friendly rates in Mojokerto, Dinar Dirham Gavin may be able to provide an answer.

The transportation service provider located in Sumbertanggul Village has quality fleets. Not only is it clean, the exterior and interior are very neat, so it will increase passenger comfort.

The service provided by the staff is also very good. Once the requirements are met, the driver will pick up and escort the customer to the destination they want.

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4. YY Rent Car

Address: Jalan Raya Ijen No. 71, Wates Village, Magersari District
Telephone / Mobile:

The bureau which is located in Wates Village has a complete fleet. Among others, the All New Avanza, All New Xenia, Innova and Ertiga. They receive rentals with a duration of hours to daily.

In order to increase customer comfort and safety, YY Rent Car uses clean and well-performing vehicles. They also have drivers who are skilled and understand very well the road conditions in Mojokerto and its surroundings.

You can contact the number above to ask about the availability of the fleet needed, for example APV, Elf, pick up and so on.

5. Inggil Jaya

Address: Jalan Raya Pasar Sedati RT / RW 03/01, Sedati Village, Ngoro District
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:

Located in Sedati Village, this bureau provides various fleets, such as the Honda Brio, Toyota Avanza and others. It is clean, tidy and in excellent performance. So, it is very adequate for customer expeditions out of town.

Also supported by a driver who will accompany their trip. Driver not only experienced, but alsoattitude kind and very communicative. Thus, of course they will feel comfortable.

6. Panji Rent Car

Address: Gedongan Gg. III, Gedongan Village, Magersari District
Telephone / Mobile:
0822-3296-9104 / 0858-5556-5402 / 0877-5426-6904

This transportation service, which is located in the Gedongan village, offers a variety of fleets, such as the All New Xenia, All New Avanza, Grand New Avanza, Great New Xenia, Innova, Mobilio, Brio and Elf.

All vehicles are in good health, aka not experiencing interference or damage to the engine. The interior is also neat, so that it supports customer comfort during the trip. Moreover, their driver has skill very capable driving.

7. Abi Trans & Travel

Address: Ngastemi Village, Bangsal District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

This transportation service that can be found in Ngastemi Village rents Elf cars for tourism, pilgrimage, weddings and so on.

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Every available unit is properly maintained. So, it looks clean, neat and primed. Of course this is one of the convenience factors when traveling.

If you want to know the rates and rental conditions, please contact their staff via the contact listed.

8. Barokah

Address: Jalan Wringin Rejo No. 59 A RT / RW 004/001, Sambiroto Village, Sooko District, Mojokerto Regency, East Java
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:

Addressed at Jalan Wringin Rejo No. 59, this company accepts vehicle leases plus a driver for airport transfers, house moving, tours and others.

The fleets offered include the Grand New Avanza, All New Xenia, Honda Brio, Honda Jazz, Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu Elf and pick-ups. All of them are in new condition, clean and well-maintained, so they are ready to be invited to travel long distances.

The price set by Barokah Car Rental itself is relatively cheap for this service.

9. Rizal Trans

Address: Jalan Raya Suromurukan No. 4, Surodinawan Subdistrict, Pra Soldierkulon District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
0856-4602-6184 / 0896-5271-5781 / 0852-3412-5316

Based in Surodinawan Sub-district, this car rental service provides a lock-off system for a minimum duration of 4 hours. The choice of the fleet is very diverse, starting from Xenia, Terios, Innova and others.

The quality of these vehicles cannot be doubted because Rizal Trans always does maintenance to improve its performance. They also offer driver services for customers who don’t want to get tired on the trip.

Apart from chartering, the bureau also accepts driving courses for the Mojokerto area. With an affordable package, you will be trained by professionals and are free to choose the type of car you want to use.

10. Pendowo Trans

Address: Jalan Raya Pendowo No. 88 RT / RW 10/03, Ngrowo Village, Bangsal District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
0822-4541-8881 / 0858-5498-6615

This vehicle rental agent rents Avanza, Xenia, Ertiga, Rush, Elf, mini buses and pick-ups for the purposes of picking up guests at the airport, taking bridal groups and traveling to East Java, West Java, Central Java and Bali.

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The fleet is in excellent condition because it is always well maintained. So, customers don’t need to worry if they want to carry it for a weekly or monthly period. However, they do not yet serve driverless rentals for safety reasons.

Address CV. Pendowo Trans itself is on Jalan Raya Pendowo No. 88. You can also call the number above for more info.

11. Good Tour and Rent Car

Address: Jalan Brawijaya No. 193 C, Miji Village, Prasatriakulon District
Telephone / Mobile:
0321-5283868 / 0822-4451-7963

This transportation service provider in Miji Village specializes in renting city ​​car and buses (minibus, medium bus and big bus) for tourism purposes.

They complement the customer journey with drivers who master the route to all the tourist places in Java. So, passengers can get to their destination on time.

Bagus Tour and Rent Car also serves the purchase of tour packages at home and abroad, such as Pacitan, Bromo, Gililabak, Nusa Penida, Lombok and Singapore at friendly prices.

Contact their number or email at [email protected] for schedules and other detailed information.

12. Prima Rent Car

Address: Jalan Raden Ajeng Basuni No. 392, Japanese Village, Sooko District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Headquartered in the Village of Japan, Prima Rent Car serves car rental with manual and automatic transmission from various brands, including Alphard, Fortuner, Avanza, Innova, Xenia and many more.

The fleets they rented were in excellent condition because they were regularly serviced. So, customers can drive it without interruption.

Prima Rent Car also provides a driver if you don’t want to be tired during the trip. Take it easy, they drive carefully to ensure the safety and security of passengers. Even so, the rates given will not drain the contents of the pockets.


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