10 Car Rental Rentals in Majalengka Off the Key Low Prices

Transportation has an important role in helping the smooth running of daily activities both for work and entertainment purposes.

Seeing from the point of view of this interest, more and more people are competing to own private vehicles. However, many also see that to help complete work, you don’t have to have your own vehicle.

Because now there are many businessmen and companies engaged in providing vehicle rental services ranging from renting two-wheeled vehicles to vehicles with large numbers such as tourist buses and even the like.

Competitors are increasingly competing to provide the best, be it through competitive prices, excellent service and the quality of the vehicle.

Majalengka Kertajati and Kadipaten are cities in West Java after Cirebon. Along with the development of the city, there are many providers of cheap car rental services complete with a driver or without a driver (without keys).

And in the following we will provide information about cheap transportation rental services around the Majalengka area.

1. Alya Rent Car And City Tour

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0813 1204 4164, 0818 2362 69

Alya Rent Car And City Tour is a car service company based in Cirebon and serves car rental for various purposes, both for individual interests, family interests to corporate interests.

You can do car rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, bridal car rental, rental for vacation and tour travel packages, business or work trips, shuttle inside and outside the city, serving drop off airports or stations.

Alya’s fleet is the Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Kijang Innova, Fortuner, Alphard, Camry, Vellfire, Hiace and Isuzu Elf.

2. Alex Prima Trans

Address: Jln. Sukasari Kidul No. 27, Sukasari Kidul Village, Argapura District, Majalengka Regency (Next to Argapura Police)
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Telephone / Hp: 0823 2103 5482

Alex Prima Trans is a transportation rental service provider based in Cirebon and has penetrated into two other cities. One of them is Majalengka.

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Alex Prima Trans provides services for car rental to fulfill your vacation package needs in three regions, namely Cirebon, Kuningan and Majalengka.

The fleet of rental services is Daihatsu Xenia, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Hiace, Elf Long and Short.

To find out the tariff offers for each of their fleets, you can contact customer service via the telephone number listed. The price they offer is a fixed price and does not change.

3. Syifa Rental

Address: Jln. Cimanuk No. 10, Kalikoa, Kedawung, Cirebon
Opening Hours: 09.00 – 21.00
Phone / Mobile: 0859 7516 4339, 0818 0231 4466

Syifa Rental is an agent that provides rental for four-wheeled vehicles by serving in several places, namely Majalengka, Kertajati, Kadipaten, Jatiwangi and Cirebon.

Syifa serves your various needs, both for business interests, official visits, tour, holiday packages, wedding cars, family visits, homecoming and other events, both for daily, weekly and even monthly.

Syifa’s fleet is the Toyota Hiace, Kijang Innova, Toyota Avanza and Elf Short and Long.

4. RentaLMajalengka

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0823 1860 0539

As the name suggests, we certainly know that they are car rental providers for the benefit of customers such as airport transfers, shuttle within and outside the city, tour, business or business trips, weddings, goods delivery, moving services and family events.

They also serve customers who do not need driver or self-driver services. Because they want to provide services that can provide personal comfort to customers.

The rental duration of them is a count per 12 hours, weekly, daily and monthly. And the available fleets are the Toyota Avanza, Xenia, All New Avanza, Suzuki APV, Toyota Innova, Honda Jazz, Freed, Isuzu Elf, Pick Up (Isuzu Phanter, Suzuki Carry, Mitshubisi L300).

The cheap rental price offered is Rp. 200,000 with a certain fleet, this rate is valid for 12 hours to Rp. 250,000 per day. This rate does not include the driver or key off.

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5. Aulia

Address: Jl. Tumarintis RT. 06 RW. 03, Mirat, Leuwimunding, Majalengka Regency, West Java
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0812 2211 4525, 0852 9444 9300

Aulia Sewa Mobil provides four-wheeled rental services and is based in Cirebon. Aulia provides various types of fleets to meet your transportation needs during your trip, both for sightseeing trips and other things according to the needs of customers.

For those of you who want to use these agents, you can contact them to find out the type of fleet and the rates charged for each fleet.

6. Dian Rent Car

Address: Komplek Griya Damai Lestari 2 and 3, Blok B15, Weru Cirebon
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0818 0231 4466

Dian Rent Car is a company engaged in providing vehicle rental with fleet types such as Hiace, Elf, Toyota Innova and Toyota Avanza.

Apart from serving car rental for work, airport shuttle, shuttle inside and outside the city, family visits, they also provide tour packages for tours in the Majalengka and Cirebon areas.

The rental rate from Dian Rent Car is Rp. 450,000 is complete with driver and fuel and the rate is valid for 12 hours.

7. Lidya Trans Holiday

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0813 1314 1179

Lidya Trans Holiday is a Tbk company. Where the company is engaged in services serving customers by providing various types of land transportation for rent.

The company serves daily, weekly, monthly and yearly car rentals as well as contracts with companies, shuttle within and outside the city, wedding events by providing wedding cars, serving by providing tour packages, work visits, house moving services, umrah travel or other events.

The types of transportation for the Lidya Trans company are sedan cars such as Avanza, APV, Xenia, Innova, Elf Short and Long, Toyota Hiace, Medium Bus, Big Bus, SHD / HDD Bus, Pick Up, Double tire truck, Tronton and Box.

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8. Happy Car

Address: Jln. Youth Park No. 2 Cirebon
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0815 6407 913, 0812 9847 6511

Happy Car Rental is a vehicle rental service provider with several fleets, namely the Toyota Avanza, Toyota Kijang Innova, Toyota Hiace, Isuzu Elf and Alphard.

Even though the rental is based in Cirebon, you can use this agent service outside cities such as Majalengka and cities in West Java. They serve both business affairs, pilgrimage tours, package tours and culinary tours.

Happy Car does not serve customers to lose keys because they prioritize the safety of customers by providing professional, experienced, friendly drivers who know every detail of the cities of Majalengka, Kuningan and Cirebon.

9. Oke Rent Motor

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0857 2419 8194

Oke Rent Motor is a transportation rental provider agent such as cars and motorbikes to assist customers in matters of transportation facilities.

Oke Rent provides various types of cars and motorbikes, both automatic and manual fleets, customers can choose their own according to their wishes.

10. Arza Rent Car

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0877 8878 4475

Arza Rent Car provides rental services for transportation facilities for customers for various purposes, both personal and corporate, such as airport and city drop-offs, shuttle within and outside the city, tourist destinations, official or business matters

For the duration of their usage package is per 12 hours and per 24 hours (full day). Arza’s fleets are Avanza New, Grand Innova, Innova Rebond, Pajero Sport, Hiace Commuter, Elf and medium buses.


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