10 Car Rental Rentals in Lhokseumawe Off-Key Low Price Rates

Lhokseumawe is a big city with its busy life and population density. Fulfilling the need for vehicles, especially cars, has become essential to support daily activities.

Because the car as a means of transportation has become a basic necessity, it has resulted in many vehicle rental service providers to emerge. Providing services as well as excellent facilities.

The following is a list of vehicle rental service providers in the city of Lhokseumawe:

1. CV. Aceh Rent Car

Address: JL. Medan – Banda Aceh, Batuphat Timur Kec. Kiara One City lhokseumawe.
Phone: 085260733377.

Aceh rent car is one of the companies engaged in providing vehicle rental services that has been operating since 2007, and until now it still exists and provides services to its customers.

Serving areas both in the city of Aceh such as Siglie, Pidie, Bireun, Lhokseumawe, Langsa, Subulusalam, Tapak Tuan and so on.

Apart from serving the needs of vehicles for important events, it also offers tourism services around the island of Sabang. Also serve drop offs or pick-up passengers to airports, ports, inns, hotels and others.

This company resumed on Jl. Medan ?? Banda Aceh No. 01 Batuphat Timur Kec. Muara Satu Lhokseumawe City.

Orders / reservations can come directly to the address of the company above or contact Customer service at telephone number (0645) 653281/085260733377, email [email protected].

The available vehicles are very diverse, all units are in prime condition and ready to use. Safe, comfortable when driving because it always gets regular maintenance and service.

The office is open every Monday-Saturday, opening hours for Monday to Friday are open from 09.00 to 17.00, Saturdays are open from 10.00 to 16.00.

2. RentalLhokseumawe

Phone: 085207678106.

Lhokseumawe Car Rental is a company serving and providing vehicle rental services. The service provided is very good with friendly customer service.

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There are also quite a lot of available fleets or units, starting from Avanza, Xenia, Innova, and other types of cars, both manual and automatic.

Direct reservations can contact customer service at number 085207678106 (call / sms), 085277630244 (watsapp).

3. Cut Glue Seupakat Group

Phone: 085277723373, 085277726868, 08116710976.

Cut Lem Seupakat Group is a company engaged in providing reliable cheap vehicle rental services in the city of Lhokseumawe. It has been operating since 2007 and is now still on the axis of rapid business growth.

Serving for tourist needs as well as family needs, activities / tourist visits, business visits and much more. Serving also for airport, port, outside and inner city shuttle.

The types of units for rent are Luzio, Xenia, Avz, Rus, terios. Elf, Pajero, Honda Jazz, Yaris, Innova, Toyota Rush, Featured, MPV, VELLFIRE, and many more.

For reservations please call 085277723373, 085277726868, also the third phone 08116710976.

4. Cv. Son

Address: JL. Banda Aceh – Medan Panggoi No. 10.
Phone: 085362942387.

CV. Putra Rental is a company serving car rental services in the Lhokseumawe area. Serving and supplying cars or vehicles for rent.

Some of the advantages that this company is proud of, namely very affordable prices, friendly service, available facilities that customers can enjoy.

Serving, car rental, business visits, important guest visits, family travel events, weddings, shuttle to Malikusaleh airport, Iskandar Muda Airport, as well as lodging and hotel transfers.

The vehicle units available are Terios, Avanza, Xenia, Agya, Ayla, Mobilio, Android Tunebell, APV and also Nissan Evalia.

Reservations and reservations as well as other information, you can call the number 085362942387/085206568986, or come directly to the address Jalan Banda Aceh Medan Panggoi Number 10.

5. JRC Rent Car

Phone: 081269228655.

JRC Rent Car is a rental service provider in the Lhokseumawe area with advantages that you really have to feel and also have to enjoy.

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Located at Jalan Soekarno Hatta behind the Wali nangroe banda aceh building, the available fleets are grand avanza, great xenia, grand innova, fortuner, all new avanza, ayla, sigra, can be with a driver or off the key.

Serving for tourist trips, business visits, airport shuttle, hotel pick-up and shuttle, shuttle inside and outside the city.

Ordering, reservations or for other information please call the number 081269228655, you can also come directly to the address specified above.

6. IMG Car

Phone: 081360109676.

IMG Car Rental is a car rental transportation service that is spread almost throughout Indonesia, now it is also present in Lhokseumawe City, Banda Aceh.

The rental package can be unlocked or with the driver, car or fleet that is used, which varies greatly from manual and automatic car types and the most favorite types are Xenia, Avanza, APV and others.

The advantages offered are, the cheapest price, saving time and energy, always in prime condition and ready to use.

Reservations or reservations can be made by ordering online through www.rentalmobillhokseumawe.com. Or to the number 081360109676, email [email protected].

7. Shafira Rent Car

Address: JL. Bandaranaike Sultan Iskandar Muda Banda Aceh.
Phone: 085262383881

Shafira Rent Car is a service provider engaged in car rental services, which is located on Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Banda Aceh, NAD.

The cars provided are the Grand Kijang Innova, Toyota Alphard, Strada Triton, New Toyota Avanza, New Toyota Fortuner, and Ford Everest. For reservations, reservations or other information, you can come directly to that address.

8. Rent Car Harmony

Address: JL. Garut, Lampeune according to Ujong Blang, Banda Aceh.
Phone: 08116830338

This rental car harmony is a provider of rental services in the transportation sector, especially car rental. Providing services for the Aceh, Lhokseumawe, and surrounding areas.

Serving for family needs, certain occasions, such as weddings, graduations and others as well as city tours, drop off airports, tourist visits, transfers or pick-up inside or outside the city.

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The available fleets are Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Kijang Innova, Toyota Fortuner, Sportivo, Toyota Camry, Toyota Alphard, Pajero Sport, Jeep Rubicon and Pregio.

Addressed at Jalan Garut No. 3 Lampeune according to Ujong Blang, Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. Reservations or reservations can come directly to that address.

This car rental can be a mainstay for you in fulfilling your needs for vehicles at family events or other events.

9. Jack

Address: JL. Sukarnohatta, Kec. Darul Imarah, Kab. Aceh Besar.
Phone: 081269228655

Jack Car Rental is a cheap car rental provider in the Aceh area but also serves the surrounding areas such as lhokseumawe, Sabang, and others.

Located at the address Jalan Sukarno Hatta behind the poltekes / wali nangroe building, lamsiteh village no 27, Darul Imarah district, Kab. Aceh Besar, NAD. Reservations or reservations can come directly to that address.

The available fleets are the all new avanza, toyota fortuner, daihatsu xenia, suzuki ertiga and daihatsu terios. In prime condition because it is always serviced regularly. This car rental serves with or without a driver, aka off the keys.

10. Ubai Rent Car

Address: Meunasah beutong Village, Kel. Lamlhom. Meunasah Baro, Kec. Lhoknga, Aceh.
Phone: 081269691000

Ubai Rent Car is a car rental service that caters to the needs of vehicles for attending family events, weddings, or other visits.

Addressed at Meunasah Beutong Village, Lamlhom Village, Meunasah Baro, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam.

The available fleets are Toyota Kijang Innova, Daihatsu Xenia, Toyota Avanza, Isuzu Elf and KIA Pregio. This rental car is actually in Aceh but also serves rental vehicles in the Lhokseumawe area.


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