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Having a similar name to a sub-district in Pakis Subdistrict, Surabaya, namely Dukuh Kupang, one of the areas in Eastern Indonesia is the largest city as well as the capital of East Nusa Tenggara Province.

There are various interesting tourist destinations, such as Komodo Island, which of course the name is familiar to the ears of all traveler.

Apart from that place, the City of Love actually still has a lot of charm, including Mangrove Ecotourism, Pasir Panjang Beach, Oenesu Waterfall and others.

These spots are highly recommended for those who want to have a vacation to NTT in 2020. In order to reach one another, it is advisable to bring a private vehicle to make the trip more comfortable.

However, if you come from outside the province, you should order a fleet from the following car rental companies a few days before departure:

1. Dohawu

Address: Jalan Timor Raya No. 26, Pasir Panjang Village, Kota Lama District, Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
0852-5333-9933 / 0858-5751-2153 / 0821-4448-2844

Addressed at Jalan Timor Raya No. 26, this company offers car rental for various purposes, ranging from travel, business, weddings and so on.

The available vehicles, among others, the Toyota Avanza, Suzuki Ertiga and Kijang Innova are always in clean, well-maintained and no problems. So, consumers can feel more comfortable and safer while driving.

Owned drivers are also experienced and know the ins and outs of almost all places in the City of Love. Passengers will not worry about getting lost or being late to their destination.

Even though it provides the best service, the prices set by Dohawu Car Rental are relatively cheap, both for daily and weekly loan durations. For further information, contact the contact listed.

2. Heny

Address: Housing Baumata Permai Blok N No. 2, RT / RW 003/004, Baumata Barat Village, Taebenu District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
0813-3704-0102 / 0852-3913-1498

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Heny Rental rents out various brands of vehicles, such as Avanza, Innova, Terios and Fortuner with duration of hours, daily, monthly to yearly for tourism, business and other activities in Kupang and its surroundings.

To provide customer comfort while driving, the company always strives for the cleanliness of the fleet units and the health of the machines inside. Apart from that, they also use driver nan experienced so that passenger safety is guaranteed.

Heny Rental’s own address is in the Baumata Permai Housing and can be contacted via email [email protected]

3.Phil 46

Address: Jalan Timor Raya No. 112, Pasir Panjang Village, Kota Lama District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

This transportation service located in Pasir Panjang Village is focused on serving tourism and business trips, both inside and outside the city, such as Soe, Kefa and Atambua Regencies.

Consumers can choose to drive themselves or use a driver. Of course, the second option is recommended if you want to arrive at your destination immediately. Because, driver used by Car Rental Phil 46 knows the fastest route to get to the location.

So, you can rest comfortably and calmly. Moreover, it is supported by the condition of the car that is 100% fit and always clean and fragrant. Feeling tired from driving long distances will be forgotten.

4. Rosy Rent Car

Address: Sumatra Street No. 39, Todekisar Village, Kota Lama District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Based in Todekisar Village, this transportation service provider has never provided a disappointing service for its customers. Based on Google reviews, many consumers are satisfied with service they.

Because, only by communicating via Whatsapp or telephone, orders are immediately processed and customers can make an agreement regarding the location pick-up and drop off. When the D-day, the driver will deliver the vehicle on time.


The condition of the car for rent itself is always clean, neat and comfortable. Drivernot only experienced and mastered the road to various destinations, but also friendly and own attitude the good one.

5. Sam Hayalan “111”

Address: Street of Solidarity No. 6, Maulafa Village, Maulafa District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
0821-4623-8412 / 0822-6657-2081

Pak Sam’s car rental business is located at Jalan Solidaritas No. 6. Many people use these company services to carry out office tasks while in Kupang.

Because, they provide service nan very good. Besides being responsive to messages, the team they have is also cooperative and punctual. The driver is also experienced, it can be seen from his ability to penetrate various routes in the City of Love.

With such service, of course the customer will feel comfortable and very helpful. For information about the list of fleets and their rental fees, contact the number above.

6.Mexcellent Rent Car

Address: Jalan Timor Raya, Kelapa Lima Village, Kelapa Lima District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

This rental, which is located in Kelapa Lima Village, can be a solution for driving needs while in Kupang. They rent out vehicles with manual and automatic transmissions from various brands, including Innova and Avanza.

Apart from the latest releases, the cars are also clean, well-maintained and have cold air conditioners. Of course it will make customers feel comfortable, even though they have to take long-distance expeditions. Moreover, driverfriendly and communicative.

Customers who prefer to drive themselves can opt for a key-off system. The requirements are quite easy and don’t take long.

7. “222”

Address: Jalan Timor Raya No. 6, Oeba Village, Kota Lama District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
0813-3912-2922 / 0822-3743-6092

This vehicle rental service provider located in Oeba Village puts forward service to consumers by providing quality fleets.

The rental rates for each car are different, depending on the type and length of time of the loan. But, will not make the bag empty.

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In addition, the company staff is very professional in responding to requests and arranging schedule customer. They are also able to handle orders and ensure that all borrowers get the desired fleet.

8. Andi

Address: Jalan Frans Da Romes, Maulafa Village, Maulafa District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Located in Maulafa District, this company rents out various types of vehicles, such as the Toyota Avanza, Kijang Innova, New Fortuner and others.

Not only are they clean and smell good, these cars are always in prime condition, so the possibility of experiencing problems during the trip is very small.

In addition, each fleet is equipped with drivers who are experienced and always prioritize passenger safety.

9. “88”

Address: Jalan LKMD, Kelurahan Naikoten I, Kecamatan Kota Raja
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

The company, which is located in Kota Raja Subdistrict, offers Kijang Innova cars and the like with a duration from one hour to a day. The vehicle can be rented inside or outside Kupang City.

Besides professional staff, Car Rental “88” also has reliable drivers. So, customers will arrive at their destination on time. Even so, the rates set are very cheap.

10. Hay

Address: Jalan Alfons Nisnoni, Air Nona Village, Kota Raja District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Located in Air Nona Village, a company called Hay Rental Mobil provides various types of fleets with clean, comfortable conditions and good safety standards.

Customers are really spoiled service service providers. Starting from driver professional, punctual vehicle transfers and pocket-friendly prices. In fact, they often hold promos and give discounts.


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