10 Car Rental Rentals in Karawang Off the Key Low Prices Matic Easy Terms

The basic needs of people in Indonesia are increasingly expanding, especially the need for transportation. The goal is for special or certain occasions that really need a vehicle.

In Karawang, being a big city and also busy, the need for vehicles, especially the type of car, has become a basic need as well so that many vehicle rental service providers have started to appear.

The following is a list of vehicle rental service providers in the city of Karawang.

1. Non Inggit Trans

Non Inggit Trans is a company engaged in providing well-known and professional vehicle rental services, besides that it is also trusted.

This company saved on Jalan Syech Quro Number 1 Krajan III Hamlet Rt / Rw 16/3 Lemahabang, Wadas, Karawang.

The fleets available here are quite varied, many starting from family cars, minibuses and other types of cars. Ride comfort is also guaranteed because it is regularly serviced.

Orders / reservations can come directly to the address of the company above or contact Customer service at telephone number 081319646888.

Rental conditions are quite easy, customers only need to leave their ID Card / KTP and other personal data as collateral.

2. Jaza Rent Car

Jaza tour, travel & rent car is a company serving and providing vehicle rental services. The service provided is very good with friendly customer service.

There are also quite a number of available fleets or units, starting from Avanza, Xenia, Innova, or other types of city cars, fans as well as other types of cars.

To see the condition of the vehicle or unit for rent, customers can come directly to the address Jalan Ciherang Wadas Rt / Rw 1/3 No 64 Teluk Jambe Timur.

Direct reservations can contact customer service at number (0267) 8457550 / (0267) 5165354 / (0267) 5165313.

Mobile numbers can be contacted 087879284644/085694701664/08128892853 or can also be via email at [email protected].

The rental terms are quite easy, you can directly call the customer service number above.

3. ASJ

Asj Car Rental is a company engaged in providing vehicle rental services in the city of Karawang.

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Serving for tourist needs as well as family needs, offices, for the Karawang area and its surroundings.

The types of units for rent are Luzio, Xenia, Avz, Rus, terios. Elves and many more. Rental price details:

  • Driverless for the luzio, xenia and terios types are priced at 350 thousand with a 24-hour rental time.
  • Driverless for rush and terios types are pegged at a price of 400 thousand within a 24-hour rental period.
  • An additional fee for using a driver service is 150 thousand for the inner city area.
  • Additional costs for using a driver service are 200 thousand for areas outside the city.

The requirements that must be met for a keyless loan are guaranteeing motorbikes output from 210 years and over along with STNK, original identity cards, and ready to be surveyed to his house.

It also serves airport transfers at a rate of 600 thousand, and a transfer rate of only 500 thousand types of vehicles are used specifically for Avanza, Xenia and Luzio.

Reservations and reservations please contact the number 081219474160 or 085883480360, located in West Karawang.

4. RentalMobilKarawang 35

Karawang car rental is a company serving car rental services in the Karawang area. Serving and supplying cars or vehicles for rent.

Some of the advantages that this company is proud of are the service provided when an engine failure occurs during a trip, the service response is very fast, and the types of vehicles are available in several types.

This company is the largest vehicle rental company in West Java, especially in the Karawang area. Services can be provided with or without a driver.

For key-off services, vehicles with AC, LED TV, Reclining seats, GPS, and other facilities that support passenger and driver comfort have also been provided.

The vehicle units available are Terios, Avanza, Xenia, Agya, Ayla, Mobilio, Android Tunebell, APV and also Nissan Evalia.

Requirements for renting a vehicle to have a house surveyed are providing a motorbike as collateral along with a motorbike registration.

Contact number 08129741722 (wa) or 081906606414 (call / wa) or also via email [email protected] to place an order. Address at Perum De Griya Kosambi Karawang Timur.

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5. Full moon

Purnama rental is a rental service provider in the Karawang area with advantages that you really have to feel and also have to enjoy.

Located at Jalan Taruma Negara Gempol Tengah rt / rw 11/06 purwadana or beside the Ctarum bridge leading to Grand Taruma. This service provider has been established since 1986 which was formerly a city transportation service.

Other advantages possessed by this rental full moon:

  • The vehicle is always in top condition.
  • Experienced driver
  • The vehicle has the complete documents
  • If there is an error 100 percent money back guarantee
  • The 1-day package system on the following route is given a discount of 30 percent

The rental terms are quite easy and the same as the previous rental service providers mentioned above. Reservations or reservations please contact the number 081514514534 or 081219803345.

6. PT. Kurnia Utama Adiraya

PT. Kurnia Utama Adiraya is a car rental transportation service in the City of Karawang, which focuses on leasing to serve employee pick-up services.

The rental package can be unlocked or with the driver, car or fleet used, namely xenia, avanza, apv and others.

The advantages offered are, namely, the cheapest price, saving time and effort, unit maintenance is carried out regularly.
The rental conditions for an employee pick-up car are:

  • The name of the PT or company or factory concerned along with an email address, telephone number and also the PIC.
  • Pick-up point or pick-up route and also the type of fleet you want.
  • Email all the data mentioned above to [email protected].

Reservations can be made to number 08170209911 or 085222215556 and you can also come directly to the address of Kalijaya Hamlet, Puseujaya Village, Teluk Jambe Timur District, Karawang Regency.

7. Budi

Budi Karawang Car Rental is a service provider engaged in car rental services, which is located in Bumi Teluk JAMBE Blok Y-108, Sukoharjo, Karawang.

The cars provided are Avanza, Xenia and also APV, of course, are priced at cheap and affordable prices.

For reservations, reservations or other information, please call 081381597490 or come directly to the address listed above.
The conditions are also like renting a car at the car rental place mentioned earlier.

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8. Diva

This Car Rental Diva is a rental service provider in the transportation sector, especially car rental. Providing services for the Karawang area and its surroundings.

Serving for family needs, certain events, such as weddings, graduations and others as well as city tours, drop off airports, tourist visits, transfers or pick-up to within or outside the city.

Addressed at Ruko Citywalk Galuh Mas Blok IX A.2 NO. 09 West Karawang. This car rental can be a mainstay for you in meeting your needs for vehicles at family events or other events.

Reservations and reservations can contact the number (0267) 5171718 or (0267) 9035030 or you can also come to the address above.

9. Kayla Daffa Rent Car

Kayla Daffa Rent Car is a cheap car rental provider in the Karawang area of ​​West Java. The price offered is quite affordable and competitive with others.

Located at the address of Jalan Pawarengan, West Cikampek, Cikampek, Karawang Regency, Indonesia.

The available fleets are Avanza, Xenia, Kijang Innova and ELF which are in prime condition because they are always serviced regularly. This car rental serves with or without a driver, aka off the keys.

Reservations or reservations can come directly to that address or call the telephone number 081281590118.

The rental terms are quite easy, the same as the other car rental conditions described above. Namely leaving the motorbike as complete collateral with the STNK and also surveying the tenant’s house.

10. Dama Rent Car

Dama Rent Car is a car rental service owned by the vehicle that serves the needs of attending family events, weddings, or other visits.

Addressed at block d no 01 41371, Jalan Cemara blok d.8 no 10, Bengle, Malajaya, Karawang Regency, West Java Province. For orders, you can come directly to that address.


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