10 Car rental rental in Padang Rp. 170.000 Driverless Self Drive Cheap Prices Agya Avanza Apv Alphard Automatic

Padang, which is the capital of West Sumatra Province, has many beautiful tourist charms as a must-visit tourist destination. Padang is famous for its Clock Tower, Lake Singkarak and is famous for its worldwide specialty, rendang.

Vacationing to the West Sumatra area will give you so many impressions, but before going on vacation you must be ready with transportation to get around the city of Padang.

For those of you who are currently in need of info on a cheap car rental place, off the key or with a driver in the Minangkabau area, we provide a list of rental recommendations as a reference for your travel transportation provider.

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Hour Open:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Welly Group

Address: Komplek Jundul Rawang No. 06 Blok 20, Padang Selatan, Padang
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0812 6616 448, 0878 9588 6505

Welly Group is a car rental service provider in the Padang area. Welly serves both personal, group or corporate and organizational interests such as official visits, business affairs, weddings, airport transfers, in and out of town, tour packages or other things.

Their fleet rental system is daily, weekly, monthly and yearly or contracts with individuals or companies.

Welly Group offers fleets such as Kijang Innova, Toyota Avanza, Suzuki APV, Daihatsu Agya, Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris, Karimun, Daihatsu Xenia, Isuzu Elf Minibus, Minibus Van KIA Travello, One Cabin, Double Cabin, Crane, Trac and tour buses and there are many other fleets.

To find out the list of other fleets and the rates for each fleet, you can call the contact person number listed above.

3. Ghaisant

Address: Jln. DR. Moh. Hatta Bariang Indah No. 21, Pasar Ambacang, Kuranji, Padang Pariaman
Opening Hours: 06.00 – 23.00
Phone / Mobile: 0822 8391 4488, 0812 660 4488

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Ghaisant rental is a business engaged in providing car rental services to meet customer needs in providing transportation facilities for various events such as weddings, family visits, official transportation, wedding transportation, tourist transportation and other things.

Ghaisant offers fleets such as the Toyota Avanza, All New Avanza, Toyota Innova, Innova reborn, Toyota Camry, Fortuner, Toyota Alphard, Mitsubishi Strada Triton, Toyota Hiace, KIA Pregio, KIA Travello, Isuzu Elf Short, Isuzu Elf Long and tour buses.

For their fleet rental rates, Ghaisant offers starting from Rp. 350,000 with certain types of vehicles. Ghaisant provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rental cars or contracts with or without a driver.

4. PT. Orion Graha Wisata

Address: Jln. By Pass Km. 13 Baiturahmah, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: (0751) 4640 383, 0813 7444 5000

PT. Orion Graha Wisata or Orion Holiday is an officially licensed company in Padang which is engaged in travel agents and car rental agencies.

PT. Orion provides car rental services for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, self-drive or with a driver. This company serves airport shuttle, pick-up inside and outside the city, business visits and they also provide tour travel packages.

The company provides everything from two to four wheels, such as the Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Toyota Innova, Van, mini bus and tourist buses. For rental rates, they offer starting from Rp. 350,000 per day complete with driver without fuel and Rp. 500,000 per day (full day) including car, driver and fuel.

5. Fegon Tour and Travel

Address: Jln. Mohd. Hatta No. 05, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0812 6604 7024

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Fegon Tour and Travel is a travel agency company that provides car rental services and tour promo packages in Padang and the West Sumatra area. The tour packages they provide are Bukittinggi, Batusangkar, Payakumbuh, Mount Kerinci, Aroma Pecco, Waterfalls and other packages.

Fegon offers a fleet with manual and automatic types such as the Toyota New Avanza, Toyota New Grand Innova, and the 2016 Toyota Innova Reborn.

Fegon fleet rental rates start from Rp. 350.00 per day including driver but not fuel, parking and other costs. Other costs borne by the tenant.

6. Tan Mudo

Address: Jln. Gajah Mada, Perum Taruko Andesa Permai Blok L No. 03 RT. 06 RW. 02, Ex. Tabing Banda Gadang, Kec. Nanggalo, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia 25144
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0812 3319 1191, 0878 9552 0258

Tan Mudo Rental is a provider of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly transportation rental services, Padang tour packages, wedding cars and luxury cars (VIP).

Tan Mudo provides a fleet of Toyota Avanza, Toyota Kijang Innova, Kijang Innova Reborn, Toyota Hiace, Isuzu Elf, tourism buses, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Alphard and Toyota Camry.

Tan Mudo provides cheap rental rates starting from Rp. 350,000 per day including the driver and excluding fuel and other costs.

7. Vicini Travelindo

Address: Jln. Mathematics No.12 PGRI Complex, Mount Pangilun, Olo Nanggalo Village, Padang, West Sumatra 25143
Opening hours: 24 hours
Phone / Mobile: 0813 6306 3553, 0822 8379 1541

Vicini Travelindo provides transportation rental services with fleets of Toyota Innova, Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Suzuki APV, Toyota Alphard, Isuzu Elf, KIA Travello, and tour buses.

8. Kayu Gadang Mandiri

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0812 6712 462

Kayu Gadang Mandiri is a car rental company, either with or without a driver. The fleet from KGM is Innova, Avanza, Travello, Pregio, Alphard, Camry, Fortuner, Altis, Hiace, Elf, Pajero and tour buses.

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Fleet rental rates from KGM start from Rp. 550,000 per day including the all-in package, namely the fleet, driver and fuel.

9. Luxury Rent Car

Address: Komplek Griya Kubutama Blok A No. 08, Kec. Nanggalo, Laweh Desert, Padang
Opening Hours: 08.00 – 23.00
Telepo / Mobile: 0813 6319 1191

Luxury Rent Car is a company engaged in providing transportation services by renting out various types of fleets ranging from city cars, VIP cars, luxury cars to tourist buses.

10. Padang Auto Tour and Travel

Address: Graha Cemara 2, Gurun Lawas, Nanggalo, Padang
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Phone / Mobile: 0811 6611 664, 0812 7000 8685

Padang Autor Tour and Travel is the cheapest and most trusted travel agency and car rental company. Serving the various interests of individual or corporate customers.

11. The Royal Rent Car

Address: Jln. Hafiz Jalil No. 29, Jambu Air Simpang, Banuhampu District, Agam Regency, Bukittinggi, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone / Mobile: 0811 6650 600

The Royal Rent Car is a car rental service provider with the best choice of fleets and is equipped with experienced drivers in the Padang area.

The Royal serves various travel packages such as official trips, wedding cars, airport transfers, drop offs / pick ups inside and outside the city (Jakarta, Medan, Pekanbaru, Bojonegoro), Padang city tours and other events.

The car rental offers several car units ranging from ordinary cars with manual and automatic transmission to luxury sedans such as the Toyota Alphard, Fortuner and Camry.


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