10 Car rental rental in Lampung Rp. 186,000 24-hour free key with no driver

Car rental is something that is familiar to hear, besides having a fairly short meaning. Car rental is something that is well known to any community, from remote villages to city centers.

Short answers if asked about this may be interpreted as rental services. Car rental itself comes from two syllables, namely from the words rental and car.

In the large Indonesian dictionary, rental is defined as a rental. So it can represent the meaning of car rental, namely the car rental business.

From one of the car rental entrepreneurs, Okka Rentcar Transportasion also explained that rental can be interpreted as the provision of rental services by means of daily rental or contracts using drivers or unlocking (without drivers).

Meanwhile, the use of car rental can be used as a new breakthrough for people or companies that do not yet have private transportation facilities that can be used as company operations.

In car rental services, there are also several types of services that you need to know before coming to rent. Types that need to be known include. daily rental, shuttle, monthly, and long term.

As for what is meant by the Daily. Is the use of the car calculated in the daily period, determined by the rental service provider. The period of time varies according to the provisions of each service manager. Starting from every 6 hours, up to 12 hours.

Shuttle, this one form of service is known as Shutle. Is a shuttle service intended for companies in the field of shuttle employees and workplaces.

Monthly. In terms of this monthly car rental, it is not much different from the daily rental system. The minimum type of monthly rental is to take a rental contract for one month. Which of course is still in the dosage with the driver and without the key.

The last one is Long Term. The facilities provided for long-term rental are given a rental period of six months to 3 years.

Because the duration given is very long, it aims for several companies that need a car rental for quite a long time to carry out their duties.

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For traveling friends from the city of Lampung, especially from outside this city, the following is a car rental that can be visited to spend vacation time in tourist attractions or anywhere.

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Rental BRN

Address: Gang Ikhlas, Village, Candi Mas, Kec. Natar, South Lampung, Lampung 35362
Phone number: 081326639338
WhatsApp: 081326639338

Lampung Car Rental BRN Rental is a car rental service in Lampung that has been a car rental service in Lampung for a dozen years serving guests from government agencies, ministries and private agencies visiting Lampung. We are also trusted to be a partner in tourist transportation in Lampung.
Car rental services in Lampung with our best service .. Ready to pick up inside and outside the city. Close to the airport, with good and experienced driver service. We prepare units with new and well-maintained conditions, clean car cabins, full ac and audio as well as free mineral water for out-of-town trips

There are the newest all-new avanza, new inova reborn, fortuner, hiace, mitsubshi pajero and medium buses. We also provide attractive tour packages in the surrounding city of Bandar Lampung.

We are ready to help your travel plans while in Lampung. DO NOT HESITATE TO OUR CALL / WA.

3. Modern Floris

Address: Jl. Mount Rajabasa, Perumnas Way Halim, Bandar Lampung City 35141
Phone number: 0811 7912 222

Modern Floris, is a trusted company engaged in the transportation of rental services in Lampung. Modern Floris is a subsidiary of PT Grand Modern which has been incorporated.

Modern Floris, serves car rental either with driver / driver or key off. Car rental can be tailored according to customer needs. Good for personal, business, or wedding (wedding car) needs.

4. Tsamania

Address: Jl. Tulang Bawang No. 21 Enggal Tanjung Bandar Lampung Indonesia
Phone number: 0821 8115 4555, 0816 404 090

Tsamania, is a car rental service in Lampung that has business principles that always refer to customer satisfaction. These principles, namely, Honesty / honesty and trust. Offering competitive prices and always offering relatively cheap and economical prices.

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Tsamania provides rentals ranging from daily, monthly, to tour packages. Some of the tourist attractions that can be visited with Tsamania include the Way Kambas national park tour.

In addition, there are also tours of the Dolphin Bay Kiluan, Mutun Beach, Tegal Island, Condong Island, Lampung Museum, Lembah Hijau, Bumi Kedaton Zoo and many more.

5. Gilang Perkasa

Address: Nusantara Permai Housing Block B1 Sukabumi Bandar Lampung
Phone number: 0811 7902 566, 0813 6902 2566

Gilang Perkasa, is a provider of car rental services in Lampung, especially in the province of Lampung, for various needs, both personal, business and tourism, of course with terms and conditions before making a rental. 24 hours serving.

6. Trac Astra

Address: Jl. Raya Soekarno Hatta No. 25 Kedaton Bandar Lampung
Phone number: (0721) 7691088

Trac Astra, is a popular rental or rental service in the world of online car rental. By using an application in this modern era, customers can rent a car in Bandar Lampung through rentalcars.com and can change orders for free.

7. Rafiq

Address: Jl. Tunggul Ametung No 24 Kedaton Village, Kedaton District, Bandar Lampung City 35141
Phone number: 0813 1629 6307

Rafiq, is a trusted car rental service with affordable prices. Equipped with a well-maintained, neat, clean and comfortable vehicle. Supported by several fleets ready to take trips in the Bandar Lmpung area, including Toyota Innova and Toyota Avanza.

For friends who intend to do car rental when traveling to Bandar Lampung City. Some of these places can be used as a solution for business or leisure trips.

8. Ryan

Address: Jl. Pahlawan No. 17 Surabaya Kedaton Bandar Lampung City 35148
Phone number: 0853 8040 7905

Ryan, a service company engaged in transportation in the city of Bandar Lampung and its surroundings. By providing various kinds of vehicles ready to serve the needs of both business, tourism, family, and weddings, for 24 hours.

Apart from that, Ryan also provides transportation services for the City and Regency areas. Among them are South, Central, East, West, North, Mesuji, Pesawaran, West Coast, Pringsewu, Tanggamus, Tulang Bawang, Kotabumi and several other places in the Bandar Lampung area.

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9. Sabai

Address: Jl. Belitung Island No. 5 Sukabumi, Bandar Lampung
Phone number: 0822 8187 3788

Sabai, car rental services in Bandar Lampung that provide airport and hotel pick-up services, Service / Business Entity / Office / Company / BUMN and BUMD Events, Pahawang Island Beach Tour and Kiluan, Family Events, wedding receptions, graduations and events other events.

10. MD

Address: Perumnas Way Halim, Jl. Rajabasa Raya Blok G, No. 6/10. Kedaton, Bandar Lampung City, 35132
Phone number: 0811 792 222, 0811 791 222

MD Rentcar, or Modern Wedding, is a trusted company engaged in the transportation of Lampung vehicle rental services. MD, a company under the auspices of PT MD, is definitely a legal entity.

MD, provides transportation needs, both for personal needs and for a luxury wedding car (wedding car). Offers rental services both in the city and out of town Bandar Lampung with car rental prices that are quite cheap with 24 hours service.

11. MTP Exclusive

Address: Jl. Majapahit No 3 Enggal Bandar Lampung.
Phone number: 0811 7200 163, 0819 2720 0163

MTP Exclusive, a car rental service company in Lampung that has been established since 2006. Which makes it a loyal and trusted partner by giving priority to convenience, comfort and safety to customers.

12. Rona Rent a Car

Address: Jl. Pangeran Tirtayasa, Campang Raya, Tj Karang Timur, Bandar Lampung City 35122
Phone number: 0812 7226 9067
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 07.00 – 17.00, Sunday and national holidays: Closed

For new clients, Rona Rent a Car does not provide car rental services. Rona Rent a Car only serves vehicle rental plus driver in one package.

Rona is a rental service provider in Lampung, especially in the province of Lampung for various needs, both personal, business and tourism, of course, with terms and conditions before making a rental.


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