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These 10 Best Barbershop in Tangerang Can Make You Handsome!

Being handsome is a choice. Many men pay close attention to their appearance and are otherwise very ignorant.

But it doesn’t apply when going on vacation, because if there is a moment like that it must be immortalized, so in order for the photo to be good on the camera, your view must be maximum.

Not only clothes, but your physical appearance must also be considered, from head to hair. If your face can do facial mask treatment. If it’s time to shave your hair, change the style to be fresher and cooler.

To make it easier for you, here we will present some recommendations for the best barbershop in the Tangerang area that can change you to appear more handsome and charming. Curious? Let’s peel off this article!

1. Lanang Barbershop Poris

  • Address: Jl. Maulana Hasanudin, Cipondoh Makmur, Batuceper, Tangerang City, Banten 15122
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 08.00-17.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 30,000
  • Phone number: 0878 8868 0001

Firstly, what you can try is Lanang Barbershop Poris. Shaving rates here are very friendly and still relatively standard.

With a low price, you can get a satisfying shave thanks to the reliable hands of the barberman. So, don’t hesitate to choose them to be your personal hairdresser.

2. Barbershop Scissorshand

  • Address: Ruko Barcelona Blok E9 Number 39, Jalan Letnan Sutopo, Rawa Mekar Jaya, Serpong, South Tangerang City, Banten Regency 15322
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-20.30 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 55,000
  • Phone number: 0896 6470 1748
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Scissorshand is one of the hype barbershop in Tangerang. Not only exist among ordinary citizens, the capital’s celebrities often shave their hair here. The place is really comfy, plus the wifi is super fast.

Scissorshand has an online booking facility via the application. So you are free to come as you like, without the hassle of waiting long and queuing.

3. D ‘Mens Barbershop

  • Address: Kh Street. Hasyim Ashari, Cipondoh, (in front of Narita Hotel), Tangerang City, Banten 15145
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 09.00-21.00 (Monday-Thursday, Saturday-Sunday), 13.00-21.00 (Friday)
  • Price: IDR 25,000
  • Phone number: 0812 1312 1110

Armed with a room that is not too wide and there are only 3 shaving chairs, it doesn’t make D’Mens Barbershop empty of visitors, on the contrary.

The shaving rate here is relatively cheap, namely 25k. According to reviews from loyal customers, D’Mens’ shave never disappoints.

4. ShortCut Barbershop

  • Address: Jalan BSD Raya Utama, Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten 15345
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 130,000
  • Phone number: 021 2916 8169

The best place to get hair cut ya ShortCut Barbershop. This barber shop located in Aeon Mall BSD City is never empty of visitors. Apart from Tangerang, ShortCut also has other branches in Jakarta.

Similar to Scissorshand, ShortCut also has a mobile booking barber via the Minutes app. So, you can arrange for yourself, when is the right time to come to this barbershop.

5. Tsurga Barbershop

  • Address: Granada Square Blok I 10, Serpong, Rawa Buntu, Serpong, South Tangerang City, Banten 15318
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 09.00-20.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 35,000
  • Phone number: 0812 1381 1926

Tsurga barbershop actually has 3 branches spread across several areas in Tangerang. The first branch is at BZD Plaza, the second at Granada Square, and the third at Ruko Permata Niaga I.

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For the kids barbershop, the interior design is very unique, it can make children feel at home. So, there’s no reason to bring your little one here, because PS is also available here, bro, you can shave while PES.

6. Sailor Barbershop

  • Address: Jalan Raya Poris Indah Number 3, Poris Gaga, Batuceper, Tangerang City, Banten 15122
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.30-21.30 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 25,000
  • Phone number: 0812 1000 252

Next, there is Sailor Barbershop, which is ready to fulfill all your dream haircut style requests. You will be served by experienced and professional capsters.

The capsters will match your desired style by matching your hair type and face first. Interestingly, you will get 1 free haircut, by collecting 8 vouchers obtained from each transaction.

7. Bro Barbershop

  • Address: Ruko Pasar Modern Paramount Blok A Number 30, Jln. Raya Boulevard Gading, Serpong Paramount, Curug Sangereng, Tangerang, Banten 15153
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 35,000
  • Phone number: 021 5420 0999

Still haven’t found a barbershop that is right and closest to your house? How about this Barbershop Bro? This hair clipper also exists in the area, you know.

With competitive prices, Bro Barbershop is able to survive amid the many competitors that have sprung up.

8. The Patriot Barber Shop

  • Address: Bhayangkara (Jalan Lama) block B number 59, Ruko Crystal lane, Pakualam, North Serpong, South Tangerang City, Banten 15325
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-21.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 40,000
  • Phone number: 021 2977 9305

The next choice is The Patriot Barber Shop. This shaving shop has several excellent services such as the prime cut, head shot, the traditional wet shave, the little soldier, scalp massage. Apart from that they also sell various types of pomade.

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9. Grease And Glory Barbershop

  • Address: Jalan Veteran Raya, Ruko Babakan No. 1 B, Sukasari, Tangerang City, Banten 15111
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-21.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 60,000
  • Phone number: 021 5572 3131

Grease and Glory Barbershop is one of the exclusive shaving places in Sukasari, Tangerang. With a pretty pricey price of 60k, we feel very worthy, because the capsters hired for this barbershop are very nimble, neat, and detailed.

10. Gans Barbershop

  • Address: Ruko Cordoba Blok C no. 31, Jalan Green Lake City Boulevard, Petir, Cipondoh, Tangerang City, Banten 15147
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 09.00-21.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 40,000
  • Phone number: 021 2252 1760

From the nine barbershop above, if based on customer reviews, both in terms of price, place, shaving results, and service, Gans Barbershop is the one who deserves to get the best gentlements grooming in town category!

So epic bro! There are almost no bad reviews from this barbershop. All are satisfied, even many have become loyal customers of this Gans. Just like the jargon from Gans, they say “Swag is a must”. So, be handsome with them bro.

Its a wrap! Those are some of the most recommended barbershop around the city of Tangerang. U should go away right now, bro!



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