10 Best Barbershop in Bekasi Cikarang Timur Summarecon Utara Barat Galaxy Selatan, Great Barber Shop

Want to look cool? Go to the following 10 best barbershop in Bekasi!

Vacation without taking selfies is almost impossible. Especially in this era where everything must be uploaded, making the millennial generation addicted to social media.

Even social media can be said to have become a primary need. Likewise when going on vacation, instead of enjoying the moment wisely, everyone is busy looking for interesting photo spots to beautify Instagram feeds, right?

So, for better photo results, before that you also have to pay attention to whether your style is good enough in front of the camera.

I mean, are you sure your hairstyle is cool? If not, we recommend that you make a remodel and tidy up first in some of the best recommended barbershop choices in Bekasi!

1. Kenz Barbershop

  • Address: Jalan Bintara Jaya Number 46, Bintara, West Bekasi, Bekasi City, Aceh 17134
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 30,000
  • Phone number: 0821 2425 2784

The first recommendation came from the Bintara area, namely Kenz Barbershop. This haircut shop has a strategic location because it is on the edge of a large highway, making it easy to find. The shaving rate at this barbershop is cheap, only 30k.

2. Short Cut Barbershop

  • Address: Mall Summarecon 1F 145 A, Jln. Bulevar Ahmad Yani, Marga Mulya, North Bekasi, West Java 17142
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 80,000
  • Phone number: 021 2957 2628/0811 844 2233

Next you can go to the Short Cut Barber Shop. This premium class barbershop is also highly recommended, because besides having a reliable hood with good shaving results, this shaving shop is also often visited by Indonesian celebrities.

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That’s what made Kenz Barbershop famous.

3. Captain Barbershop

  • Address: Ruko Boulevard Hijau Blok C 5 No. 20 Harapan Indah Medan Satria, Pejuang, Medan Satria, Bekasi City, West Java 17131
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-21.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 75,000
  • Phone number: 021 221 64262

Captain Barbershop is one of the premiere barbershop in Bekasi. Serve gentlemen’s grooming and children’s shaving. Even though the price of the shaving is quite pricey, but in terms of place, service and facilities, the overall is satisfying.

4. Kaizen 10-Minute Haircut

  • Address: Summarecon Mall Basement Floor Jalan Boulevard Ahmad Yani Blok M 17142, Marga Mulya, North Bekasi, West Java
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 40,000
  • Phone number: 0818 180 720

Shaving hair in no more than 10 minutes can only be done by reliable capsters from Kaizen 10-Minute Haircut. Even though the time used is fast, the shaving results are still neat and detailed. The Kaizen haircut is priced at 40k.

5. HeadHunter Barbershop & Coffee

  • Address: Mayor Oking Street, Margahayu, East Bekasi, West Java 17450
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 09.00-21.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 25,000
  • Phone number: 021 2201 2379

Headhunter Barbershop & Coffee is a barber shop that fixes cheap prices.

With the advantages of experienced barbermen and low rates, this barbershop is always crowded with visitors. There is only one minus, namely the barberman who is only available for one person.

6. Barbershop Om ‘Sigit

  • Address: Jl. Raya Cibarusah, Sukaresmi, Cikarang Selatan, Bekasi, West Java 17550
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 05.00-15.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 25,000
  • Phone number: 0812 1090 2225
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Even though it has a fairly small and simple shaving room, this barbershop still has loyal customers. Popular shaving prices with good and satisfying results make this barbershop a favorite.

7. Maxwell Barbershop

  • Address: Jl. Dahlia Raya No.157, Jakasampurna, West Bekasi, West Java 17145
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 11.00-22.00 (Monday-Thursday), 13.00-22.00 (Friday), 10.00-22.00 (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 25,000
  • Phone number: 0858 8563 1376

Furthermore, there is a Maxwell barberhop which is located on Jalan Dahlia Raya, Jakasampurna. In addition to satisfying service and service. Marxwell barbershop has fairly complete facilities such as a large parking area, prayer room and toilet, as well as comfortable rooms.

8. Pax Barbershop

  • Address: Jl. Cibubur-Cilengsi No.40, Jatikarya, Jatisampurna, Bekasi City, West Java 17435
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 12.00-22.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 30,000
  • Phone number: 0821 1332 6193

Through the cold hands of the barberman Mr. You will be transformed into a Pax barbershop to be more charming. Prices for hair shaving at Mr. Pax is 30k. Apart from hair treatment, this barbershop also sells various types of pomade.

9. Capt Zakh Barbershop

  • Address: Jl. Citarik, Simpangan, Cikarang Utara, Bekasi, West Java 17530
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 27,000
  • Phone number: 0857 5886 2824

Capt Zakh becomes the next popular barbershop list. The adult shaving rate is 27k, while the kids charge 20k.

Barberman here really understands the latest styles, so if you want any kind of model it will definitely be served well and satisfactorily.

10. Pieter Barbershop

  • Address: Jalan Celebration Boulevard Blok AA9 No. 6 Grand Wisata, Tambun, Bekasi, West Java 17510
  • Folder: Click here
  • Opening hours: 09.00-21.00 (Monday-Sunday)
  • Price: IDR 30,000
  • Phone number: 021 8261 5963
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If you want to look cool and trendy, try visiting Pieter Barbershop which is on this celebration boulevard. With a skilled barber, your hair will be trimmed smaller in no time.

How bro, is that enough for the barbershop recommendations above? Ready to be different to welcome vacation moments with the closest people? Make sure if you choose a barbershop that is not fake and trusted.

To be able to find out the model and haircut results of each of the barbershop above, you can follow their social media. Some of the barbershop above also often hold promos and give away, just don’t miss it.


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