10 Bali Camera + Lens Rental Rp. 50,000 Cheap GoPro Mirrorless Fujifilm Underwater 2020 Action Camera Denpasar

Bali is one of the most famous cities in Indonesia, especially its beautiful beaches. The charm of this tour has spread both within the country and for foreign tourists.

Therefore, if you are on vacation in Bali, don’t forget to bring a camera for documentation of the holiday period or if you don’t have one, take it easy because in this tourist area many provide quality and high class camera rental services.

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Apart from reducing excessive spending, you can also choose the type of camera you want and the rental price is also cheap. Some recommended rental places for 2020 are as follows.

1. Myfuji

Address: Jl. Tukad Yeh Aya IX gang F no 3 Renon Denpasar Bali
Phone / Whatsapp: 08997868283
Starting price: 50 thousand
Website: www.rentalkamerabali.com
Instagram : www.instagram.com/myfuji.bali
Google Maps: Click here

Myfuji Bali Camera Rental is one of the rentals located in Denpasar – Bali. Established in 2017 with prices starting from 50k, the Myfuji camera collection is arguably quite complete. Starting from mirrorless cameras, dslr, gopro, lenses, stabilizers, to drones. Myfuji has also collaborated with several travel applications such as Traveloka and Klook to make it easier for customers to book. With a rating of * 5 on google maps, of course Myfuji Bali will always provide the best camera rental experience in Bali!

2. Bali Photograph

Address: Jln. Trijata, Gang Jatayu No. 07 Denpasar, Bali
Opening hours: 24 hours
No. Phone: (0361) 225 602, 0852 3733 8484, 0899 5456 729

If you need a free consultation regarding the type of camera that fits your budget for your event, Bali Photograph can answer that.

After consulting, you can determine the type of camera you want, whether it is Digital SLR (DSLR), Mirrorless, Polaroid or so on.

Bali Photograph already provides various types of cameras, lenses (Nikon, Canon, Sony), Steady Camera, Underwater (underwater) and also photography accessories.

So before renting, you should consult first so that the price and quality of the camera are good according to your needs and of course the budget.

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For consultation, you don’t have to visit the address, you can communicate via WhatsApp, line on 0899 5456 729 or BBM D92B637B.

3. Bali camera rental

Address: Jln. Mount Seraya No. 88, Br Tegal Buah Padangsambian, Klod, Denpasar, Bali
Opening hours: Monday – Friday (08.00. 17.00), Saturday – Sunday (08.00 – 16.00)

The next most complete photography equipment rental service company is Bali camera rental. You can get all the famous brands here such as Sony, Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon, GoPro, DJI to Zhiyun.

The types of cameras available to you are Mirrorless, Action, Pocket, Polaroid to Drones for rent in this place too.

One of the best services from this rental, they are ready to be delivered directly to Denpasar, Kuta and various locations in Bali.

4. Yicam Bali

Address: Jln. Moyo I Island, Gang Nuri No. 01, Denpasar
Opening hours: 24 hours
No. Phone: 0878 6091 3785

For those of you who are on vacation to Bali and don’t have a camera. Instead of buying and using it only once, it’s better to rent at Yicam, starting at 50,000.

At Yicam rental, you can rent a DSLR, Action Cam or other and the camera is ready to be delivered directly to the location (around Denpasar city). There are terms and conditions that apply.

So for clearer information about prices or terms, you can visit the Yicam store on Jalan Moyo or you can also chat via WA 0831 1477 4233, BBM 5851D5EA, line @suryaadidg.

5. Bali Camera Rental

Address: Jln. Gunung Talang 6C, Buana Indah, Padang Sambian, Denpasar
Opening hours: 06.00 – 23.00
No. Phone: 0811 3998 893

The camera rental system in this place is required to submit as many as 2 original identity cards, the names and addresses must be the same. In addition, you must also pay a down payment of 50% of the rental price.

For those of you Canon DSLR lovers, this is the right place because they provide many types starting from 5D.

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The price offered is also very cheap starting from 100 thousand, you can already get a Canon DSLR 50 mm f1.4 with a duration of 12 hours, if the use is not until the specified time, then the budget will be reduced and become cheaper.

Cameras can also be delivered directly to your address with a time limit starting from 10:00 – 17:00, the delivery fee is 50 for one way.

6. Rental-camera.com

Address: Jln. Tukad Taman Sari No. 12, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Opening hours: 24 hours
No. Phone: (0361) 2030811

Digging into deep pockets just to use a high class and quality camera is out of date. Simply by becoming a member at Rental-camera.com, you can rent all photography equipment at any time.

In this rental, tenants can try the camera first before renting it, so you can adjust it according to your needs.

Apart from camera rentals, they also rent audio-visual equipment such as screens, multimedia projectors, hand-talkies and so on.

7. Rentaldibali.com

Address: Perum Kori Nuansa Ungasan Nuansa Angkasa 3 No. 03, South Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Opening hours: 24 hours
No. Phone: 0878 6098 5449

Actually, this service provider rents out transportation, but to complement your holiday in Bali, this rental also provides supporting facilities for you such as digital cameras and various accessories.

The company, which started moving in 2013, provides 24-hour online services. And for delivery valid until 21.00 Wita.

This company also provides free delivery services for those in the Jimbaran, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Denpasar and Seminyak areas.

8. Bali GoPro Rental

Address: Jln. Mount Andakasa, Griya Nirmala Market, Gang Waru No. 16x, Denpasar
Opening hours: 24 hours
No. Phone: 0819 3601 5543

For those of you who like to do photography using GoPro, this vendor is one solution.

This vendor is one of the most complete, trusted and professional GoPro camera rental places by maintaining family principles.

Apart from cameras, they also rent accessories that are ready to be taken when diving, playing on land or while parasailing in the air.

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For those who are interested in this service, there is a delivery schedule, which is from 07.00 – 22.00 WITA. For more details, please communicate via line at @rentalgoprobali

9. Rent GoPro Bali

No. Phone: 0858 8544 7334

The next rental place for GoPro lovers that can be an option is the vendor.

By providing a cheap rate of Rp. 125,000 per day, you’ve got a GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera that is equipped with a waterproof case.

10. BursaFN

Address: Jln. Kawe Island No. 09C, Denpasar, Bali
Opening hours: Monday-Friday (08.30-19.30), Saturday (08.30-17.30)
No. Phone: (0361) 8422 212, 0851 0017 3888

With a capital of 200 thousand, you can already rent a DSLR camera with well-known brands such as Canon, Fujifilm and DJI as a documentation tool.

It not only operates in Jakarta but also in Bali and for information you can contact the FN Exchange via the number above or WA 0815 5842 8888.

11. SewaKamera.com

Address: Jln. Kawe Island No. 09 C, Pedungan, Denpasar, Dauh Puri Klod, Denpasar, Bali
Opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00
No. Phone: (0361) 8422 212, 0815 5842 8888, 0851 0017 3888

Sewakamera.com is one of the most complete photography equipment rental places in Bali, from DSLR, Mirrorless, Action to GoPro cameras.

The rental price starts from 100 thousand per day, the rate is different, yes, on weekdays and on weekends. For the weekend, which was Rp. 100,000 will be charged to Rp. 150,000 with its camera type, the Canon EOS 1100D, suitable for beginners.

In fact, there are still a lot of equipment other than photography provided, for example video cameras, lenses, lighting, flash and accessories.

So for those of you who might need clearer information about the availability of a complete camera along with the price and what are the conditions, don’t hesitate to contact the contact person or just e-mail [email protected]


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